President Obama, Namaste, India Welcomes You

namaste 10

Welcoming the American President, Mr Barack Obama to the  precedence of our miracles.

In India, we live each and every moment of our lives as if it is a miracle and every miracle of our lives as its moment. Dear Mr President, you will find in India the roots of amazing goodwill, vibrant cultures, rich traditions and the priceless friendship encompassing divine grace, divine principles, divine purpose, divine values, divine vision, divine wisdom and divine will  that are driven by the amazing foresight and vision of millions of people welcoming the privilege of contributing towards the harmonious consonance, progress and welfare of the World consistently.

We consider it a great privilege to welcome the American dream into our homes as we seek to humbly ensure that you will take back along with you the dream of India’s memorable true visions to America; to share with the American people the greatness of the Indian land that is ever poised upon creating a pure space for the Universe within as well as all around us devotionally.

The frontiers of science and technology maybe able to provide us a glimpse of the future however as our parents and ancestors all across the World have always taught us that it is the graceful wisdom of our hearts that sacredly enshrines the fabulous monuments of our life’s civilization evolutionarily.

The traditional welcoming in India is represented by Namaste; the graceful joining of the hands and palms together respectfully in extending a gratuitous welcome to the land of our heart and the mind of our soul ever graciously.

With all good wishes and thankfulness, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi