Path to Heaven, Ports to Having, The Portal of Realization, Presence of Mind, Essence of Heart, Consonance of the Soul

presence-quotes-1The Signals Between Devices; The Seek Know Will Between The Vices

There is one path to heaven; the practice of righteousness which encompasses the purity of realization in all that was, is and will ever be.

There are many ports to having; computer ports, airports, sea ports and most importantly reports; each of these facilitate  our interconnectedness and improvements right across our lives.

Millions of people are earnestly striving to contribute to the harmonious goodwill, progress and welfare of our World consistently.

In this context, there is one strategic factor which predominantly relates to the connectedness and interconnectedness; let us simplify this to better understand more clearly.

presence-quotes-2Like in any device, the signals must be lucidly clear for the related ports to establish their respective connections. Now, with the cells of our body, intellect, mind and soul they follow paths along our nerves and notions.

Henceforth coming to the most pivotal essence of our being, whatever we attain in our lives, there is nothing more fulfilling than the self realization element.

However to reach this also, we need to persevere diligently with prudence, tenacity, sincerity, truthfulness and our brilliant creatively graceful magnificent wisdom.

Our vices become our voices and whether we may speak and express or remain silent, the core essence of our vices operate and radiate at frequencies that leave us amazed.

LoveSometimes, even without a single word expressed, a lot is communicated right across our complete system and the Universe all around us. So, we need to carefully ensure that whether it is ports or paths, the incredible portal of realization will conscientiously prevail.

Knowing this, knowing that and far much more; being efficiently resourceful and all that it takes to let our divine light shine through in living a purposeful life, whenever, wherever, whatever and however, everything and everythink demands our realization.

Which relates to the presence of mind and essence of heart since without the presence of mind and without the essence of our heart, we maybe missing some of our life’s fabulous priceless moments ignorantly.the-past-eckharttollequote-shellebelledesigns

Why not live this life to the very fullest by recognizing our divine potential by being fully aware and in alignment with each and every moment, aspect, factor, incident, coincidence as well as evolution of our remarkable growth in grace and wisdom.

Realize it, its yours as it is for you are its realization infinitely for your will power will show and reveal to you some of the most amazing experiences and moments of your lives where you did not know you have it and then you had it due to the pristine element of awareness.


Remember the soul functions with its sacred covenants, ordinances and consonance. Its image, name and character is defined by the pure divine light that cannot be seen and yet encompasses the scenes of our lifetimes.

The imprints etched across the landscapes of our souls inspire us to dwell, to contemplate and introspect upon the divine possibilities and potentialities of empowering our pureness whether in thought, deed or expression and as we cultivate the roots of the truth from within us, we realize that our minds, our hearts, our intellects and our souls had, have and will continue to enshrine the devotion and discipline of worshiping the magnificent greatness of God in each and every breath and sphere of our being conscientiously.104282_20131022_115931_1383553_529931630419023_97647683_n

Coming to the point and importance of heaven in our lives is living with conscious awareness, a sense of disciplined dutifulness and affinity with the truth incarnate since we are born, breathe and sustain our lives with the roots of the truth and can blossom forth all across our lives when we essentially understand that our lives exemplifies the purposefulness of creation; that we were born, that we are born and that we will be born and re incarnate until we fulfill our respective karma (deeds) which is why dharma(duties) always comes forth in the forefront seeking explicit observance and abidance of the discipline of disciplines which is the practice of righteousness all across our lives.

Heaven is  right here where we are with the complete and devoted presence of our mind. With the presence of minds, we create; With the essence of our hearts, we are created; However with the consonance of our souls, we co create along with nature and the universe purposefully.

This means that when we do and practice righteousness, it is laying the sacred ground for experiencing paradise on earth for every dictate of our conscience and consciousness has the compass of compassion focused upon sincere abidance towards, attendance towards our respective dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds).mindfulness

So if now one may look upon a person working in a certain profession or entrusted with a certain designation with inferiority. they are actually inviting and precipitating that similar range of tendencies and expectations to likewise emerge and surface in their lives as well. This is why, in every holy scripture it is clearly stated to perform our duties with a sense of devotion for at some time or another across our lifetimes, we are serving from the divine within us to the divine across us.


People would travel millions of miles to have a glimpse of God and to stand in God’s presence but when requested to ensure, to observe presence of their mind, essence of their heart and consonance of their soul, they think that this is deviating? moving away from their goal of attainment? of envisioning God? Of gong away from heaven? It is actually very much within the simplest of moments and experiences and the humblest of attitudes that the divine moments of our lives will continue to magnificently unfold.


There is truly so much that is being elucidated from within one’s higher self that the vital ingredients of living a fulfilling life will all reveal themselves to us when we genuinely be true to our nature as well as nature our truth without an conditionality, demands of expectations upon ourselves or others.

There is a diligent and prudent need for observance of discipline and practice of righteousness because those elements have been with us all along and are the very fabric of our lives where our soulfulness seeks divine union with God who is always ensconced within the realms of our true nature, our true self and our divine essence amazingly.c26de04b278f54a36c47d19975b7d11a

Our presence of minds will take us where we have never been; while our essence of hearts will be with us where we have never taken and the consonance of our souls will continue to be+remain with us ever faithfully, awaiting our pure intentions of living the discipline of our disciplines for this life that we have been bestowed+endowed with has been equipped with the wealth of priceless attributes, treasures and virtues of graceful wisdom; so how each and every one of us live our lives, particularly with the presence of mind will take us a long way towards the essence of our hearts and be with us all along the way with the consonance of our souls infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi