Life Happens? Happening Life? Life’s Mysteries? Life Management? Life Leadership!


Right 1Why are certain things happening in our lives?  It it because we are allowing them? Is it because we are loving them? Is it because we are all+owing them?

Perhaps we may not be able to find answers or resolve some of life’s mysteries but as far as we truly do the very best with what we have; then we can expect our lives to respond likewise.

The above quote (author unknown) may not be as easy to follow and implement in one’s daily life but then for centuries the virtue of righteousness has been advocated as an extremely powerful and influential factor; hence it truly merits due observance, practice and respectfulness with reference to related implementation considerately and relevantly.

Frankly speaking, somethings in our lives happen almost all of a sudden, almost as if out of nothing at all and then we maybe caught off guard? unprepared? shocked?

Why not make it a strict discipline of our lives to be constantly practicing discipline, vigilance and tenaciousness where it may relate to thinks or things for being alert may to some extent keep us in the observant state where our presence of mind and extra alert watchfulness maybe able to review certain details at certain times which may have otherwise been overlooked after all.

Yet again, it comes back to the above mentioned; to truly do the very best with what we have; then we can expect our lives to respond likewise. Beyond this, if somethings happen, we should seek to carefully remain alert, diligent, prudent, vigilant and watchful in ensuring that we are observing the necessary safeguards and practicing what needs to be done fulfillingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Investing in the Soil and Soul of the Universe; Rehearsing Evolution in Each Breath Conscientiously




Let us clarify our minds, the vision unfolds. Let us glorify our hearts, the provision unfurls. Let us sanctify our soul, the envisioning of life’s evolution proliferates.


The investment is about sanctity which can be achieved and remarkably sustained through practice of righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently.


This is about audit of the Universe where each and everyone of us must conscientiously contribute towards its unanimous goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare.

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It is not about redistribution of wealth but rather about engineering and spreading the priceless riches of knowledge and resourcefulness; making people awaken to their true divine essence characteristically.


When people recognize; actually more than recognition, when they realize their respective intellectual proficiencies and magnificent potentialities at being able to be extremely resourceful; the ideals, the principles and values ensconced within their true nature, within their true selves and their divine essence will lead all of us to the pinnacle of our civilization.


People will perform more better and thereby live more fulfilling lives by characteristically creating and inventing more goodness within as well as all around them.



This is not a philosophical or mythological rehearsal, but rather about the genuineness where reality strictly demands that we are each rather than making demands, creating diamonds. The diamonds refer to the priceless virtues that each and every one of us are equipped with, which is our true light that shines through and dispels the layers of ignorance and darkness that may have crept in and virtually overshadowed everything else with certain form, sort and type of tendencies mysteriously.


Like we have The United Nations, The UNICEF, The UNESCO and so many more pioneering institutions and organizations all across the World sustaining global welfare remarkably, we should have The United Visions where each and every Country has its representatives contributing  towards this organizations aims, objectives and strategies from their moral consciences ever conscientiously towards and truewards global goodwill, harmony, progress, sustenance and welfare with a noble perspective committedly.

It should be a platform that does not involve any religious discrimination or recognition based on financial worth. Here it is about the vision, the provision and the envisioning the richness and fabulous wealth of the global cultures and societies and carefully understanding how we could create a better World for all of us.


Whether it maybe education where it is relating to a higher intellectual quotient nurturance or health care or industrial or technological or whatever field of sciences and disciplines of Universal life, it is envisioning the visions of our ancestors, embracing the provisions of our facilitators and strengthening the envisions of our creators at any given time to create us as we are; this is the real you, this is the real me, this is the real us. Yes, it is all of us being true to our respective dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds) conscientiously for we are here for a legitimate reason; for an authentic purpose and for making the World a better place to be; true be forever and ever gloriously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi