Artificial Intelligence? Heartificial Intelligence! Feeling-less World or Words Feeling-less?? Transcending Evolution


Where do we intend to take our lives please? Or where do we intend for life to take us please?

These questions may linger across the horizons and landscapes of millions of minds and hearts yearning for authentic answers that could help to make the appropriate choices.


However due to the aspect of stringently keeping pace with the evolving trends and technologies, it may come to making things easier or busier.quote-not-all-intelligence-can-be-artificial-now-so-if-we-make-a-mistake-the-consequences-are-no-longer-william-irwin-thompson-184671

Easier to be able to resolve various tasks efficiently and busier when faced with the deluge of anxieties of what if and what if not; since the shadows of worries loom far more larger than perceivable or comprehensible. image

It is apparent that what we read leads us and what we lead reads thus. This refers to the sequential patterns of pathways that succinctly unfold for in the technology world, its not about feelings and emotions where various functionalities are device oriented; they are totally dependent upon what has been programmed.


Now coming to the crucial factor of programming, what is the extent and level of programming seeks to accord greater range of powers and flexibilities to the devices? Then inevitably, this is expecting far much more from the automation to virtually command a legion of functions and processes. This also means that certain fraction of intelligence is being transmuted in the form of typical programs and storaged within the repositories of the devices to help ensure a seamless functionality across extensive periods of time frames.


So then as time advances, the level of confidence and trust strengthens and considerably expands incorporating  prolific set of functions and responsibilities upon the respective devices. With the way the World is progressing and the need for greater strategic innovation, integrating the devices with more super intelligent set of functions of channeling independent thinking, crucial decision making and determining what if and what if not scenarios and thereby ensuing subsequent actions could inevitably lead to enormous sets of powers and authorizations being entrusted upon the devices.


The devices we need to carefully remember and understand are emotionless and have no feelings or any tendencies, they mechanically operate and implement the desired actions in accordance with their pre set programming. Now, if the programs were to seek to imbue the human core competencies and intelligence quotient, then a lot and far much more is being envisaged and anticipated from the devices, but how far and how ell this/these could serve remains questionable to considerable extents.

Let us seek to yet again reflect upon this since this is something that will further assume greater set of potentialities and merits careful observations and analytical thinking and stringent decision making and responsibilities taking. While coming across concerns being expressed regarding the scope of artificial intelligence and the frontiers of science and technology that the aspirations of human curiosity and passion is advancing, there are indeed legitimate grounds for the genuine outcome that the development and management of artificial intelligence could eventually lead us to.


Perhaps we may not be quite extensively appraised regarding the phenomenal research and progress of this but in a nutshell, it does reflect that we have come a long way, far much more than anticipated and looking at the trends of how it is being sustained, this may very well transcend the threshold of the remotest imaginary paradigms ever

This is not about some speculative opinion or intending to randomly interpret and casually pass some remarks about the evolution of developments being worked upon. Rather it is in all good faith and with a pure intent, skeptically seeking to review the manner in which the artificial intelligence could apparently unfold with astounding results.wisdom

Why this is being looked upon in such a way is because once engaged with a project of such phenomenal dimensions and experiencing amazing discoveries and revelations, the human tendency may aspire to keep progressing ahead to create greater progress within the scope of reasonability obviously. But then, when assigning and deputizing the set of commands and controls to devices, the extent to which the range of commandments passed over, whether might be appropriate or not, remains to some extent of great concern.purity

With all due respect, this is not being skeptical regarding technological advancement but rather casting an intuitive introspective look upon what is actually being envisaged?  Can what is created stay within certain parameters and protocols of governance and absolute control or would this inevitably become a mechanized sort and type of living? wisdom3

Artificial intelligence may take us far ahead however heartificial intelligence; the wisdom of the heart is what has actually brought us so far and thus far ahead it will keep sustaining us as well. So it is something that has already proven its credentials versus some concept that is yet emerging and gaining greater level of importance and becoming entrenched as a way of life where without artificial intelligence, it appears a lot of functions cannot be achieved?


Well, it it is in areas which are dangerous and need safeguarding, then in those areas where there is for example hot iron or other sensitive environments or otherwise, the legitimacy of having robotic and automated devices to help assist, but if giving excessive liberty to certain devices to take unprecedented charge of our lives where we become extremely dependent upon artificial intelligence as a way of life is what becomes the most crucial contending factor of our lives for what we give way could weight our giving as a consent and gradually become the consequent pivotal fraction where we keep granting automated access and permissions, and then what?We become habituated to conceding greater set of powers and intelligent quotients and programming;s to the devices to keep functioning independently and greater powers, but why? Is giving unprecedented power and authority, fostering phenomenal artificial intelligence in the best interests of all of us all along the way right now and further ahead please?Quotation-Rig-Veda-heart-wisdom-Meetville-Quotes-26349

By the time we realize, it might be quite late since when various concepts set in and get firmly entrenched and ingrained, it might be virtually impossible to shift our priorities and consider another newer way of looking at the very same set of things.


Let us carefully tread and venture ahead taking each set of decisions with utmost consideration for the current and future generations for life is not just about artificial or artifice; life is about authentic and legitimate set of choices and decisions as well as we have noted time and again that the way someone makes us feel stays with us for a lifetime and we want our current and future generations also to be blessed with the great privilege of feeling for one another for feelings with the heart of wisdom is absolutely unique and superbly outstanding.


We realize that life is created with some of the finest set of intellectual competencies and sets of virtues including the amazing creative and brilliant wisdom quotient characteristically whereas artificial intelligence is and will remain what is categorically command oriented, cold and detached, no feelings whatsoever and absolutely no consideration or conscientiousness which are important elements of life. The choice remains ours, whether to live our life fulfillingly or be made to be dependent on external artificial factors to experience the fulfillment of our living? The choices and decisions, the wisdom our hearts knows very well and consciously with its amazing wealth of wisdom infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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