The Science of the Conscience

indexConscience refers to our moral awareness, however recognition of our moral values remains the integral sacred thread of civilization.

We live in a World that is primarily ranked by the audaciousness, flamboyance and ostentatiousness? But why? Who are we actually trying to impress?

Yes, we are aware that the power of money and have we actually understood and most importantly realize the essence of our true wealth; the priceless virtues and graceful wisdom that is ever ensconced within the realms of our true nature?

inxWe are privileged to be born and provided with amazing opportunities to lead a worthy life however how well do we measure up to the worthiness of our live actually?

This is not a quiz or a questionnaire or even an thought provoking exercise to stimulate reflection upon certain categories of thoughts; glimpse and glance upon them once in a while and go about life stating so what, whats news and blah blah blah…..

It is objectively about one contending factor of our lives that is closer to us than our very breath and has been an observant witness with us ever since we were ever created and will keep evolving.

moral-values-48-638Being cognizant of the fact that our conscience is the moral compass which discerns between right and wrong. In a remarkable way in as well as across always; our conscience is the voice of reality and the divine sacredness that radiates from within the gracefulness of our being.

8aaff4ed54b078b8d9462a7409be02f4The essential significance of understanding our conscience and exploring how we could better lives will only dawn when we genuinely take the respective initiatives with a perspective of courage, diligence, dignity, discipline, prudence, respect, sincerity, truthfulness and wisdom.

Its not about something sensational or trying to open a newer chapter of our lives and see how we can excel better than others; rather it is about noticing the divine essence of the presence as well as the divine presence of the essence with each and everyone of us, for it is that embryo that will connect us with the branches of our lives magnificently.


Whatever we may seek to attain in our lives, our conscience will predominantly witness the cascade of unfolding changes within our lives with keen interest and extend its vision that is filled with provision of ingenuity. Sometimes, it we need the evidence of various aspects to be presented to us as if we were judges and then yet again we may seek to flaunt our egoistical tendencies to reflect our greater sense of knowledge and exclusionary options against conventional wisdom? Why so? Do we think we know much more better than creation and evolution and that we could discover and establish a newer pathway of living graciously? There have been doctrines, principles, tenets and values that seeks to serve as compasses, guiding pillars and lighthouses which have served as faithful companions and evoked our conscious awareness to engage in constructive, meaningful and purposeful aspirations.

life-picture-quotes_5638-6Whether it is the science of the mind, the science of the heart and the science of the brain; they all converge and transcend through the ever watchful and vigilant introspective vision of the conscience. Indeed our conscience has been superbly gifted with an remarkable vision and reasoning power that is beyond description for in various circumstances, we may have noted how the conscience with our gut feelings come to the forefront almost out of nothing at all.

Through prayer and meditation, we can seek to strengthen the passage of our conversation with God within us and this is all determined by the clarity of our conscience for when we have a good conscience, we will experience the wonderfulness of being and keep radiating and attracting the positivity of being.The quintessence of our conscience has been granted to us to further nurture the purity and richness of our life’s heritage.

dreamsWhat are we each doing in each and every day, in each and every moment that is further creating a better us within as well as all around us?  Our conscience is the moral awareness of the way life wants us true be, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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