Thousands of Hong Kong police prepare for first mass rally since Occupy

The participants should carefully reflect upon their moral conscience and realize the true essence of their lives genuinely and engage in a greater participation in Hong Kong and China’s goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare characteristically.

They are busy listening, but to what actually? While the voice of their true nature keeps inspiring them to awaken to their true self which always is ever grateful to Hong Kong, to China and to the World for providing us innumerable opportunities to make us all proud of Asia’s World City and the World’s City of Asia, Hong Kong.

Let us all seek to avoid any participation in any such rallies and movements that are deviating from the core essence of our life’s graceful wisdom and instead seek to come together earnestly to support the visions that truly work towards the betterment and sustenance of the incredible wealth of priceless moments we have to foster and develop a better understanding of ourselves and others around us since engagement in any such rallies and movements are only contradicting the very essence and fabric of our true identities, God bless.

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