Internet, The Way of Life or the Life of Weighs+Ways

InternetThe Net, The Connect, The Network and Internet of Life

The Internet of Things, The Internet of Everything




Life choicesSometimes, we have with everything we connect. Some other times, we connect with every think we have. This is a very brief glimpse upon the parallels being drawn between the functioning and the incredible connectivity and effect that the Internet has on people’s lives.





gratuateThe World has become so very integrally dependent upon the Internet that even a few moments of down time are immensely challenging. Now come to think about it that before there was the Internet, humanity had an extremely interconnected network already and mind you, this is way back from thousands of years, so this means that for centuries people all across the World operated and functioned with an amazing network despite the huge gaps of time in between actually connecting, getting interconnected and then further facilitating the process with considerable patience.

Best of lifeThe key factors here are peoples attitude and patience particularly. In those days, people were far more considerate, kinder, mindful and resourceful as well by having some of the most amazing inventions discovered which are serving us very brilliantly in each and every moment of our lives. So in a way, the creative human potential, whether then or now prevails, however those elements of ingeniousness and genuineness from then to now have become affected by excessive dependence upon whatever is externally relied upon.


empowerThis means that to some extent when comparing from before to now, people are using less of their core competent intellectual faculties to further discover and create. Well, there are remarkable inventions, experiments and research ongoing, but when looking at things back then and things as we face them now, the extent to which people achieved with what they had then is truly commendable.


101-awesome-marketing-quotes-40-728Now, some people when reading this may wonder where this is actually intending to lead to? and to come to the point. Well see, here itself or there itself or anywhere itself, the patience quotient of people has got saturated to a very high extent, it is as if people’s virtue of patience has diminished? Not really, it is actually that we are not connecting truly with our own selves and societies are becoming more mechanical and technologically oriented where even people, a Family within one single roof are distanced in different rooms and unable to take the gracious effort of getting up and coming across to speak, they remain closeted in their rooms chatting and gossiping or even at other times genuinely engaged with their respective agendas and assignments respectively.

make-yourself-so-happy-jpgThat was then, this is now; Then people used to reach across, whether in a conversation face to face, on the telephone or in a letter or in a telegram or through messengers, whatever it was, from then to now, there are many key elements that have got replaced with swiftness of the typical answer, no time, i am busy, lets see tomorrow or the next week or the next month or the next year or the next time…….?





doerThis topic is coming to the main point now, it is that we have begun believing that the Internet is going to take us places and that if we are interconnected, we are amongst the best of networking and having a huge social circle and time and again getting distracted by all the prolific extra activities of social engagement that galore. This is not intending to reflect skeptically upon social networking but rather seeking to establish a better understanding of how we could be more productively efficient and achieve far much more with the very same element of time that we have, since way back then, people did not have the resources, but had time and could connect exceptionally well; and way back now and further ahead, despite having time, people are actually not detached from their ownselves; yes, this is the key of the complete article, people are getting so engaged and connected with others, that they start living in a way to mainly please others and catering their identity on and in alignment with what’s trending rather than what’s intending? rather than what’s one’s pure intentionality because the demands of time have changed, since if they do not, then they get left behind and are considered boring or out of the century?

steve jobsLiving in such a manner becomes so very paramount that people forsake sleep, eat improperly and sometimes eating while looking at their electronic devices, not realizing what they are consuming, drinking what they are not aware, just doing so many things almost mechanically? or habitually? or out of reflex action?



inspirational-quotes-on-life-with-images-TumblrWhere has the joy of connectivity gone? When commuting across the cities, we notice people are all heads down, intently focusing upon their smartphones or electronic devices and have forgotten to greet each other and smile?







self careThere is no time, they have become caught in the challenging demand of the current times which have left them racing and rushing for being able to do the very most within the very least possible time frames? Actually no, it is not like that, there is time, but the awareness factor is being neglected, which is why the no time surfaces.




fruitsTry it and see, discipline and regulate the process, whatever is done, is done with a sense of alertness and awareness and strict discipline, then one will notice, there is ample time after all, for what needs to be done is actually done with joy, enjoying the process, knowing that one’s ownself is in command and control of the situations and the agendas, moving ahead with a heightened sense of vigilance and considerable approach.


life1Putting everything together, it is not about fancy words or fascinating things, rather it is about the fact of thinks, yes the thinking factor is dominant to such a extent that sometimes we are there and yet we are not there at all? It is like as if we are there physically while mentally our mind is adrift, far away, contemplating upon so many other things?




thingsThe Internet is there for the purposeful usefulness of connectivity principally and then everything else since we may have noticed, how when we do not have a network connection or the Internet connection is down, we are doing everything reasonably possible to ensure that it is running up over again and functioning normally.





mind connectSo that was with the Internet, the urgency, the keen interest; now, can we use the very same level of interest for connecting with our ownselves, for knowing ourselves more better and realizing that whats other there is in many ways a reflection of what’s in here, within our higher selves, all the creativity, all the gadgets, all the inventions and so much more humanity did not just get gifted with it, many individuals utilized their core intelligent facilities to strive and create what we are enjoying, but do remember that those individuals then or now, ensure that they balance their lives, they do not live on an automated model they ensure that when it is work time, they work; when it is play time, they play and when it is connecting time, they connect; so there is in a way a harmonious balance established and those people are able to lead healthier and more productively efficient lives because they are principally knowing themselves more better than anyone else, they are very conscious and mindful of what they do, what they think,  what they feel, what they engage with, what they invest in whether it is time or money, what they envisage with their visions, what they plan, what they anticipate, what they react, what they understand, and so on and so forth, but with each aspect being approached from a path of awareness since not knowing what we are doing leads to doing what we don’t know after all; since then it would be doing, but then not really knowing for what purpose? why? just going about mechanically instead of rhythmically instead of methodically and systematically?

becomeThere are various aspects and most of them have a reason, now what definition we give to each one of them is what will sum up and become our lives after all, so the choice is ours whether to live our lives more fulfillingly with all that we have or have all that we fulfill in our lives for a constructive and meaningful purpose. We may perhaps realize it now or further ahead, but the difference is that when we realize, we must be back where we belong, and then we maybe trying to reach back across time to fervently connect, interconnect and establish the ties and strategic connections to reactivate?

writeThis concluding paragraph seeks to reflect upon the futility where some individuals become so intensely involved in everything else that they considerably overlook their health altogether? And then when one day, they feel some pain, experience some discomfort, they rush across for a medical checkup, a scan and notice that they have in the process of going every where else have actually gone every else by stretching themselves in divergent directions but then have completely neglected themselves after all?

wordsThey dedicated their lives in the service o the communities, of creating greater good for people, for worthy causes but then the divine dictates of life states that when doing everything else, do not become everything else. Doing is doing, connecting is connecting but “what is being is what is becoming”!





preciousYes, this is the integral factor, what we are being is what we are heading to become for then whether it maybe the Internet or anything else, nothing really matters anymore at all; we are frantically trying to save our lives and living each and every moment with remarkable appreciation and gratitude for life and paying utmost careful attention to each and every moment of life gloriously; but what happened? Why did one need the rude awakening to adjust one;s lifestyle? Why not before the alarm bells can ring, take a more sensible approach by disciplining and integrating a methodical and systematical order in ones life and lifestyle please?

57657Since the Internet will continue to be there, inventions will keep getting launched but all along “what is being is what is becoming”! Yes, that is it, so next time, when taking the next bite of the sandwich, the meal, the tea, coffee or beverage, seek to enjoy it, relish it, remember all that was created diligently by someone somewhere else, so that you could truly enjoy with focus on what you are consuming, being aware of what you are doing with complete awareness, not just glancing at the electronic devices and smartphones and tablets for some gossip or articles or chats. When having time for yourselves, it means truly time, quality time for yourselves truly for when we compromise with our time, time likewise compromises with us instead of come promising with us; so when we calm promise with life, life calm promises with us.

Introduce-2-439x600The choice is ours, connect, get connected but then remain connected by principally being connected; by being grounded with reality, ensuring the essence of where we are, what we are doing, being, being and being where we truly are is always the dominant factor predominantly. Do remember the signal of life is ever interconnected when we are truly being with ourselves principally in thought and deed and then whether the master operator of life may deem what’s ahead, we can make it much better by earnestly and faithfully contributing towards the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the Universe consistently, but it all starts genuinely by “being there” for truly being there, wherever we are is the determinant factor of our lives, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Vision Book, Vision Board, Life’s Master Plan, Planning Masters Life

Sleep, Sub Conscious Mind, Empowering Visions; Awakening, Visualizing Empowerment 

The Amazing Power of Commitment, Devotion, Discipline, Determination, Focus, Foresight, Perseverance, Righteousness, Sincerity, Truthfulness and Wisdom

visionWe may have heard and come across the following at some instance or another.

Counting sheep to go to sleep; Well, counting sleep to go to sheep; Well, Well, Well, why not talk to the shepherd also?

Books Some refer to counting antlers, tractors, horses, ducks and so on and so forth until they gradually drift into their sleeping patterns habitually.


soul writing

Some others before sleeping practice chanting mantras which are devotional hymns; sacred words that are filled with the pureness of energetic vibrations that soothe and calm the mind gently as well as strengthen one’s focus quite remarkably.

Now coming to an interactive aspect; the vision board; the vision book; some people engage in reflecting upon their vision board, to review how far they have come, progressed and then admirably reflect ahead towards the magnificent current phase, the intermediate future as well as the long term future prospects and potentiality.

This particular aspect of journal ling; of recording and carefully writing down in the vision book is like a dictation that one reads back and forth and sometimes are amazed across the span of certain periods of time to notice how they gradually begun and got about towards actually manifesting their aspirations fabulously.

vision 5

They strived diligently, took tremendous initiatives and at each and every step ensured that they were vigilantly moving ahead, but at the completion of each day, gracefully reclining or sitting erect and alertly jotting down, making notes with an unstinting focus upon their joyful engagement of committing; of declaring to themselves; to their higher selves; to the Universe that they wish to lead a purposeful life with conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence, righteousness, sincerity, truthfulness and their brilliant creative and magnificent wisdom of their true nature and true self to guide them all along the way with God’s grace of course being there all along the way as the silver lining and guidant factor of each pathway.

meaningful-love-quotes-love-quotes-inThe scientific theory that relates to the vision book; the vision board is that what activity we engage in before sleep keeps our mind engaged; this becomes the engagement of our sub conscious mind getting involved and then helping us quite remarkably in identifying various factors that help improve as well as enhance and sustainably strengthen the pathways of our lives.

In one way and at some times distinctly what we do before we go to sleep becomes what we face when we wake up. This is particularly noticed that when we are really tired and are trying to find a solution to a challenging problem and then staying awake almost the entire night not bringing forth any solution and then voila with the intensity of the actual dilemma being passed onto the sub conscious mind with a little but much needed sleep and rest, the emerging patterns upon waking up appear quite different than what was the night before or the early morning before.

Carl Jung

It is about intently and intuitively focusing+reflecting upon our ambitions, our aspirations, our goals, our dreams and our visions well before actually going to sleep where we are indirectly preparing the manifest, the agenda for our sub conscious mind to work upon and the sub conscious mind loyally stands by and provides the much needed amazing developments in our lives over a period of time; well all, always with due diligence and prudence and righteousness particularly, but for sure to ensure that one attends towards one’s dharma (duties) to fulfill one’s karma (deeds)l;  for this Universe is intending to bring us closer to ourselves; this is closer to our higher self, closer to our true nature, closer to our true self, so that we could experience our graceful completeness and celebrate each and every moment of this wonderful life with productive efficiency and the joy of living our divine essence infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

One with us

oneGod is one with us, thus with oneness. Each of us experience God as we expand our consciousness.

The divine is one in you when you are one with+in the sacred truth. Remember the Universe has created us for us in order to explore the greatest potential of the true nature of our self realization.

Connecting with our higher self, we experience the expanded Universe which is ever expanding itself to include the divine union of all forms of creation as one completeness.

The Universe is preparing its ground for you as you keep grounding with your Universal sacred oneness of pure energy.

Let the Universe breathe through, you, let the Universe see through you, let the Universe feel through you, let the Universe enjoy in+joy through you; and so on and so forth as one in the oneness of evolution.

What is the through you, through you, through you? It is the true you, which means once you experience your true nature, your true self and your divine essence, then you are no longer separate, you are one with the Universe in its divine oneness, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Some of Us; Sum of Us; Resourcefulness








Some of us have all the facilities. And then sum of us facilitate all the having.

Facilities refers to somethings designed for a specific purpose. Facilitation refers to making things easier.

Remember you have been given each and every moment of your lives to ensure that you live purposefully; with ambition and aspiration to achieve and excel; to contribute towards yours and others greatness, but then this is not just another inspiration pitch, it is about the core reality, when you let this moment and then next moment and yet the forthcoming moments to keep passing by without constructively engaging in doing what needs to be done, then there may come a time, where you maybe rushing to do everything at once, but then the amount of anxiety, the marathon efforts and all the money could not bring back to you this+these priceless moments which are coming your way for a divine reason, to ensure that you are living your light, you are living your divine essence and fulfilling your divine potential of experiencing your true nature and your true self by diligently, prudently, responsibly, sincerely, tenaciously, truthfully and wisely attending to your dharma (duties) in order to fulfill your karma (deeds) faithfully, God bless.

Please do not only engage in complaining that this is not there, that is not there, this is not the right time, when my astrologer predicts, then is the right time? when the sun shines, then I will go and do what needs to be done? they have more better things? It is not just about hard work or working hard; rather it is about genuinely striving ahead creatively in each and every moment in doing what needs to be done attentively, creatively, earnestly, faithfully, diligently, intelligently, prudently, sincerely, tenaciously, truthfully, vigilantly and wisely please.

Well how about you, you also have the same opportunity to think, for thinking creatively and striving diligently is not something that is exclusively for some people only; reach within your higher self and unleash your magnificence, you can do a lot more good and greater things for the benefit and progress of one and all in this life than you could have ever imagined; but then you cannot just keep exclaiming and letting things go by;

Remember that those who have reached where they are, have carefully observed and then at each and every step taken enormous efforts while you were just lazing around, languishing and thinking that the vital opportunities would come by themselves; This life has been designed on a principled basis, meaning that nothing comes easy but then now think come easier, since if you keep stating nothing comes easy, then you are constantly echoing one mantra all along and all you get is more of nothing at all, because you are desperately resonating the lack whereas someone else at the very same time is genuinely taking the responsible initiatives to realize and do what they reasonably can with what they have knowing that the “now” as well as the “think” encompassed in this priceless moment comes only once in a lifetime, so grasping the strategic factors and converging them together in a meticulous pattern would thereby strengthen that person’s mindset and the wisdom of their gracious heart would also guide them accordingly, for nature, the universe and the world recognizes genuineness; pretension is out of fashion please. It is never too late; realize this moment before the moment realizes you, for by realizing you are then in alignment with the momentum of the moment and its driving+empowering force to always create greater good for the Universe infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Jyot of Nari, Honoring the Divine Light Within Us




Jyot refers to Light; Nar+Nari refers to Humanity

From Nar to Narayan; From Nari to Narayani

Narayan refers to Lord Narayan and Narayani refers to the Oneness of Goddess Lalita Tripurasundari Shridevi Lakshmi Raja Rajeswari and Goddess Parvati respectively

Life is light. Let your divine light shine through in each and every thought and deed by living a purposeful life with conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence, radiance, righteousness, sincerity, truthfulness and your brilliant creative magnificent wisdom infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Question for Leaders

Lead Us for Quest in; Enduring Legacies; God bless



One question particularly every leader must constantly ask themselves as to how they can devotionally serve and make the World a better place.

This is purely about diligently striving to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the Universe consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

God’s e mail addresses, The Infinite Golden miles

quotes-7-728God’s e mail address are; God@Goldenmile.(dot)devotion; God@Goldenmile.(dot)duty;God@Goldenmile.(dot)grace; God@Goldenmile.(dot)righteousness. God@Goldenmile.(dot)trust; God@Goldenmile.(dot)truth; God@Goldemile.(dot)worship; God@Goldenmile.(dot)wisdom;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine compassion; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine character;God@Goldenmile.(dot) divine contentment; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine conscientiousness; God@Goldenmile.(dot) divine courage; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine dignity; God@Goldenmile.(dot) divine discipline;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine divinity;  God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine faith; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine forbearance; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine foresight; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine humility; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine ideals; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine joyfulness;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine mindfulness;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine morality;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine nobility;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine observancy;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine patience;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine piousness;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine prudence; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine purpose; God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine principles;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine respectfulness;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine sincerity;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine temperance;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine trust;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine values;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine virtues;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine vision;God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine will and God@Goldenmile.(dot)divine union; and so on and sow forth with utmost respectfulness and conformance with the divine values of our creative evolution.

Disclaimer: Remember that none of the above featured e mail addresses are actually functional. They are featured only to make us realize regarding the brilliant creative magnificent virtues and intellectual proficiency that we have been so very fortunately bestowed+endowed with; and that in order to be closer or to speak to God, we must experience the divine union ensconced within the realms of our true nature and our true self sacredly.

God’s grace is not reached, preserved or sought, it is attained through due diligence, prudence and tenacity; striving meticulously in earnest performance of our respective duties. The captioned title seeks to remind us that no matter how far we may ever be, God’s graceful presence and divine essence is ever closer to us.

When our hearts smile, God’s golden miles gracefully blossom forth the divine essence of connecting us in such a way that we intelligently make our choices throughout life there onwards and love what we do as well as do what we love infinitely across the passage of this meaningful, purposeful, dutiful and wonderful life graciously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

#Je Suis Charlie, # Je Suis Ahmed, #Je Suis Monde, The World is One

What Unites us is What Unties Us, Peace, Love and Light, God bless



As the World stands together in solidarity with France, let us all intuitively envision the oneness that unites us. When we tie what we have, its our attire. When we untie what we have, its is our entire.

Tying binds while untying finds and reaches across to explore and embrace the graceful wisdom of our courageous potential to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

How Much Time Do We Have? Living Th+Us


The answer is, as much time has th+us.

It is a matter of living in a state of conscious awareness, conscientiousness, due diligence, prudence, sincerity, tenacity and truthfulness; practicing righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently.

Living thus, the state of eternal timelessness prevails since we are constantly aligned with the time that was, the time that is and the glorious time that will ever be infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

We are God’s, God is Ours, Divine Respect

humbleThe Relationship of Goodwill and Sacred Trust

The nature of truth is that God is ours.

The truth of nature is that we are God’s.

God seeks that we respect life as life has always respected us.

Live each and every moment of this life practicing righteousness for all the disciplines of our lives fulfillingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Akashic Records; Shabdh; The Cosmic Book, Heart, Mind and Vision of Life

SoulTranslation: Akashic = Cosmic;   Shabdh = Voice of Silence; Dharma = Duties;  Ek= One;  Hain= Is

Practice Compassion, Practice Dharma;

Practice Forgiveness,

Practice Righteousness, Practice Solitude+Silence

The following above is in Hindi and shall be subsequently translated in English further above.

In silence, the dialogue of our life’s script is eloquently paraphrased.

Hindi     = Zingagi ek Shabd hain; Shabd ek zindagani hain.

English = Life is the voice of silence; Silence is the infinity of life – This seeks to refer to the incredible wisdom of silence; within  whose speech, the gracefulness of life supreme reveals itself amazingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

What We Feel?


When we are telling others what we feel, then life is telling us, feel we are what!

What we feel is feeling we are what. Remember what we feel about ourselves becomes what others feel about us as well.

So the precious energies that are within us can be invested in thinking and feeling good+pure about ourselves and others; while attending to our respective duties and living our divine essence faithfully, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi