Brahma Om Brahma, Aham Brahmasmi, Tat Tvam Asi

putOm refers to the supreme. Brahma refers to the infinite reality. Aham Brahmasmi refers to the definition that I am the infinite reality. I am humbly seeks to refer to the symposium of our collective consciousness. Tat Tvam Asi refers to That Thou Art.


That Thou Art refers to the gracious oneness of the embodied soul; the pure consciousness of each and every one of God’s creations respectively.



Recognizing our true nature will nurture our graceful recognition. We begin to see and notice things as we truly are.Then onwards, we strive as one with the oneness of creation to exemplify the process of living our divine essence characteristically.

soul speechOur soulfulness makes us realize that all that we sought; all that we are seeking and all that we could ever seek is very much within us.

beautyIts a matter of identifying, discovering, recognizing, realizing and experience the divine light that is encompassed within the sacredness of our true self remarkably.guidanceEverywhere we look intuitively, the reflection of our innate vision casts back its magnified shadow of reality, evoking our conscious awareness to awaken to the magnificence of our being.


Our graceful evolution in grace and wisdom is what unfolds the chapters of our lives where we are able to carefully understand the significance of the virtues of compassion, dharma (duties), joyfulness, righteousness and truthfulness in our lives.

let-us-be-grateful-to-people-who-make-us-happy-they-are-the-charming-gardeners-who-make-our-souls-blossom-76Unless we realize, we keep wandering; then once we come to terms with reality, we still wonder and consequently, when we truly realize, we become still and are won thus by the completeness of our true identity. We are able to see various aspects from a mature perspective and detach ourselves from the various categories of tendencies as well as desires and align ourselves with being one with the divinity within us; so then it is no longer versus, but the grand verses that resonate from the core essence of our being seeking Universal goodwill, harmony and welfare infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi