Affecting our Glands, Glancing upon our Affection


Our glands as we may already be aware are our invisible guardians.

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While we consciously take disciplined care of ourselves, observing a healthy and well balanced lifestyle, our glands and hormones keep functioning with amazing precision.


The pituitary and pineal gland are considered to be the master regulators of our hormones along with our brain and our central nervous system.

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Some human beings deprive themselves completely of any good will, of any good tidings and self love completely. What happens is that they keep self pitying and isolating themselves from their own selves as well as everyone else around or beyond them, including the remarkable premonitions and noble messages; divine notions that they maybe receiving through nature and the universe which are also referred to as serendipitous interactions or even the most basic day to day moments of their lives, since sometimes the most basic of moments are the very most priceless of moments after all; depending upon one’s disciplined attitude and pure intent of living one’s life in accordance with the divine grace, divine purpose, divine principles, divine values, divine vision,  divine will and divine wisdom of living with conscious awareness, a sense of commitment in each and every moment of one’s life, due diligence, prudence, righteousness, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and the ever gracious innate wisdom consistently.


That is where the affection factor, no matter how small steps in as effortlessly and as gently as possible to help awaken oneself towards redefining one’s feelings. It is like training the brain to think and control the body and mind in a more dignified and respectful manner.


This is not about any fancy statement or rhyming or words but the very essence of our world that is deeply affected and then keeps influencing us far much more than we could ever imagine or actually understand.the-ability-to-be-in-the-present-moment-is-major-component-of-mental-wellness

Disclaimer: -None of this above information is experimented or researched or qualified. since the details featured are being expressed in good faith; with good and pure intentions but devoid of any guarantees or warranties or assurances or responsibilities whatsoever, since it is better to state clearly otherwise what is stated might be mis interpreted as professional advice and guidance

When we speak, the tone with which we speak becomes the intonation with which we express back almost reflexively. But why? When we know that what we are doing is right and what is wrong; what is appropriate and correct, why should we let or permit what is evolving to keep unfolding in our lives as if automated?


This means that if something is harmful and improper, we cannot keep denying the fact and keep affecting ourselves with some fallacious set of conclusions. We have been bestowed+endowed this body, this mind, this brain, this intellect, this creative intelligence, this graceful wisdom, this pure soul, this aura, this personality, this gracious being, this divine essence of who we truly are and far so much more than any definition could ever state.


In one word, we need to be aware, beware and be wear what is good for ourselves this wearing is not just about our attire, our dress code that is on the outside, but also the address code and codes that are addressing our genes, our glands, our brain, our central nervous system, our immune deficiency system, our hormones, our mind, heart and consciousness; our good health, hygiene+wellness and so many vital aspects of our being, our chakras (pure energy zones), and truly so very much more, that at each instance we are thinking, the pulse of the impulse is sending forth a particular set of commands right across the streams of our nerves and then that is getting gradually strengthened and shaping and defining the very essence of how we further think,how we further feel, react and respond; it is like we are the architects of our attitudes and destinies, leading ourselves where we belong; but the question, is where we be long.


Yes dwelling amongst certain set of comfort zones and thoughts, languishing and just idly letting everything go however? No, that is not the way our lives have been created, our lives have been evolving with the ardent hope and faith that we will each awaken to the graceful consonance of our being, of realizing that we have within us the magnificent set of virtues and characteristical wealth of priceless moments; so the moments are as they are and how we utilize them becomes the wealthiest moments of our lives.2014+Valentines+Day+Quotes+Pictures.jpg++749%C3%97514

For example, rather than isolate, why not consolidate? Why not realize and take charge knowing that what we are thinking, doing, expressing and reacting+responding is remarkably affecting our lives in a very phenomenal manner please. Where, what amount of affection, self love and self respect will affect we may not be aware, but definitely by looking upon one’s own self with appreciation and respect; with gratitude and a disciplined manner in attending to each and every aspect of our lives, we may possibly be complimenting that which is exemplifying the very essence of our being.


Affection is the core essence of our being; when our complete being works with meticulous precision and remarkable methodology, taking remarkable care and attentiveness in each and every detail, affecting and wonderfully affecting our glands and hormones; our immune deficiency system and so very much more within as well as all around us, then we can definitely cast a glance of affection upon the magnificence of our being and gratefully express our sincere thanks to God for all that was, for all that is and all that will ever be while ensuring that we are conscientiously living our dharma (duties) with utmost discipline and righteousness in order to fulfill our karma (deeds) infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi