Science of Words and Dictionary of the Universe

withinThe language and conversations of life experienced during the quietness of our meditative consciousness are truly amazing. In stillness, we reach across the passage of time and space effortlessly; communicating with the creative brilliance of our intuitive intelligence.


The science of words refers to the meticulous alignment along with our lives defined set of characteristical values and the dictionary of the Universe to the essence of realizing the gracious heart of our life’s greatness, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Feel like Us; Fulfillment, The Personality of our Soul

Never-make-permanent-decisions-on-temporary-feelings How we make others feel, remains with us. How others make us feel, remains with them.In the process of making one another feel, we must realize that by the above we are actually fulfilling our emotional potentiality to considerable extents.Tear-feelings-quotes

Atickcross a lifetime, people almost have a complete bank deposit of good, inspiring and positive+encouraging feelings filled with ambition, aspiration, passion and a commitment to progress and sustain the greatness of our lives remarkably well.tick



questionA blank deposit of feeling negative? sarcastic? pessimistic? hated and nurturing hatred? suppressing negative emotional tendencies? envying? jealous? bitter? and all that only leads to depleting one’s energy, thoughts and feelings helplessly?question


Remember, it all started with, it all starts with  and it all continues with what we are making ourselves and others feel after all. The route of the truth has its routes that are like the boomerang, returning right back to the origin from where they were sent across from!


So sending across, feeling across, thinking across, imagining across and radiating across is all very much within each and every cell of our being. We are not making others feel particularly by sending across certain set of feelings but rather we are articulating what we are intending to send across to our own selves the very most, first of all and the very longest of all for the feelings that have their seeds remain within us and keep sustaining their likewise set of tendencies to keep multiplying whether we maybe aware or not, until the point that they almost keep making appointments of habits and behaviors that were never us at all? And then, we are gradually empowering what was one feeling or one set of feelings to become a complete attitude and lifestyle altogether?


Sometimes, we feel what we don’t know? and then we are felt, what we don’t owe? All of that unfolding process of feelings because either we held on or we let go, we released upon realization with conscious awareness, due diligence and prudence; but what if we realize far too late in our lives please? That might mean, that we spend and spent or will spend an extremely long period of time and precious energies and time indulging in feeling in a particular way until someone, somewhere, somehow got the wake up call, requested us to awaken to our trueselves please? Remember that everyone in the World is so very busy, having so many commitments to fulfill that they are not going to come and request you to realize how you must and should feel; The feelings portfolio is an extremely delicate and sensitive part of you that you must carefully “realize”; reasonably understand and for sure to ensure that you never react, over react or respond with any anger or rage at any given time, for when the feelings go, then you are the one left with the most regret fulness? question


or gratefulness at having wisely opted for meaningful and responsible aspects in our lives.tick



This means all along the choices and decisions that we are each making whether in acceptance or denial is leading us towards some destination even if we may not have moved ahead virtually. That is, that we are magnetizing the process and influencing by vibrating at certain frequencies that are either attracting or dispelling certain factors in our lives after all, so feelings should not be taken just casually or lightly, thinking that so what? it does not matter? oh we will see later? Later when? When those feelings become so much a part of certain habits that we are struggling with please?


Why not nip in the bud, meaning why not control and manage something when it is clear and well manageable instead of empowering it aimlessly and then running from pillar to post to find resolutions to combat with it? It does not behove us to behave like as if we don;t know for pretending has a limit and limitations do not have any pretensions for we may keep adding on but when the time comes, we will have to be accountable for whatever we added on, for there is a fair and just price, there is a consequence for every thought and feeling and action and emotion and response and reaction and so on and so forth, but all based upon a matter of acknowledging the essence and facts of life that life is life will continue to be life after all; so why not graciously accept the facts and learn to live with a sense of responsibility and conscientiousness please!treating

So, please do think constructively and feel wisely for its a matter of a lifetime within feeling and the feelings that we live with our across our time’s life account-ably.


Please do carefully realize from time to time that our soul wants us to experience the fulfillment of our lives that we seek from within us. Whether the agendas, the assignments, the ambitions, the aspirations, the commitments, the calmness, the compassion, the contentment, the desires, the equanimity, the goals, the happiness, the inspiration, the intuition, the joy, the objectives,the passions, the peace, the promises, the potentialities, the respectfulness, the serenity, the sincerity, the tranquility, the truthfulness and the graceful wisdom; its a lot, a lot much more than just feeling, it is a matter of self realization that will reveal to us some of the most amazing facts  and pathways of our lives, but then it requires an absolutely disciplined, honest and devotional approach where we are true to our nature as well as nature to our truth in living our light and divine essence infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi