Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram; The Science of Shiva; Living our Trilogy, Nourishing Evolution

belovedOne moment, we had it. One moment, we are be+having it and then One moment we will have it. This is the trilogy of life, Satyam (The Divine Truth); Shivam (The Pure Divine Essence); Sundaram (The Graceful Wisdom).

The science of Lord Shiva inspires us to define our lives to enable us to live its definition conscientiously. It is about being crystal clear in our minds, hearts and soul as the true oneness; and this is facilitated when we are equanimous (calm and composed) in the harmonious orientation of our lives evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom.

If we constantly only hold onto what has elapsed or in fervent anticipation of what is apparently bound to evolve, then the transition in between, which is the present moment gets ignored considerably; whereby we are declaring our pure intent of remaining engrossed in the past or passed while the pass; the unique priceless moment that is with us gets shifted into the pause mode, but why?tumblr_mc7pbrfE9M1rabr71o1_500

Understandably and with all due respect to our memories and sentimental values, we deserve to reflect upon certain moments of our lives with a sense of utmost dignity and reverence where in the stillness we acknowledge that which was and bow with the highest regard to the privilege of being a part and path of those glorious wonderful moments that we cherish and treasure forever and ever forth.

Then comes the ambitions, the aspirations and the hopes of what lays ahead of us for we want to truly be with life as it unfolds majestically. Well, then to be so, we have to be consciously attuned to each and every moment of our lives with profound awareness, attentiveness, diligence, discipline, devotion, righteousness, sincerity, tenacity and our remarkable creative wisdom; so that when the moments unfold, we are marching in tandem and a touch of equipoise of each moments rhythmicality.  tumblr_nflxkijrfr1sb9y83o1_500 Now comes the present moment that actually gains from the past and contributes to the future of our lives while  meritoriously sustaining the ongoing evolution of life’s consonance remarkably. So on both sides there is a sense of positiveness and addition, an approach of creativeness that prevails which means that as much engaged as we remain with the present moments of our lives; being consciously aware of each and every moment’s evolution, we are eavesdropping upon the cascade of the anticipated retinue of changes that will certainly unfold. We are then not anxious or perturbed as to how our lives are going to be, all that we devotionally focus upon is that how we are growing to our living.

This is growth which is the creative component of our lives; so by keeping pace, we are spaciously expanding our consciousness far more ingeniously because we are authentically and genuinely investing our priceless efforts and initiatives in what we have with us right now, right here and righteously. We are not waiting for that one moment in time or for the time in the one moment; rather, we are creating and yielding, manifesting and making the most constructive and legitimate usefulness of what we are having to be+having of what we will be valuing in our lives infinitely.


Remember, all across our lives, we cherish certain moments and this present moment of our lives that is / are unfolding could further contribute to become one of those priceless moments as well, so why just let the moment fade away and then try to recall it with a sense of urgency? Why not be attuned to this moment and ensure to faithfully live your dharma (duties) in order to fulfill your karma (deeds), for this is not about any particular doctrine, decree, dictate, ethic, morality, order, religion, law, philosophy, proclamation, rule, regulation or spirituality; It is only about the purity, about the Satyam (The Divine Truth); the Shivam (The Pure Divine Essence); and the Sundaram (The Graceful Wisdom) of our lives.

Quotation-Vandana-Shiva-world-good-Meetville-Quotes-192043We may call this with another name, in another language, reciting the sacred hymns and verses that we are cognizant with; glorifying the divinity ensconced within ourselves and all of God’s creations; as well as being completely congruent (in total agreement and harmony) and aligned by practicing righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently, we ultimately reach the goal of our lives which is the virtuous privilege of self realization. All that our higher self and higher consciousness wants; all that our true nature and our true self wants is that we realize the true meaning and purpose of our lives and then to ensure that we live our light and lead ourselves towards our divine essence characteristically.


What happens mostly in life is that as we are born, we are closest to our divine essence and in those moments before completion of our life’s sojourn, we are once again able to envision the graceful vision of the divinity that is within us as well as all around us; however the other priceless moments in between, when we are actually living our lives, when we spend so much of our time and lives investing in researching our life’s enjoyments, we must realize that life in joy means=means joy in life’s that; that which was had to be, that which will be, will have to be; however that which is, is which is that we choose; that which we decide; that which we engage with; that which we seek to truly be one with for our lifetime; the present of presentations, which is the priceless now, for the now what was, we know; and the now that is, we know; as well as the now that will be, we will know as well for we are living timelessness.


Timelessness does not mean living a life of a hermit, monk or mystic; and neither is it about detachment or renunciation for it is completely about our moral consciousness where we are savoring and succinctly comprehending and grasping the evolution of this present moment in our lives as a God given privilege; that we are here in this moment; that we were there in that moment and that we will be further ahead in that moment as well, all along in the oneness f the timelessness, being equanimous, for the moment that was passed and the moment that will be, will eventually reach its accord and surpass as well, however the moment that is there with us right now needs to pass rather than be put on pause simply because the poignance  of those moments that already passed or the moments about to surpass and unfold predominate the actuality of the present moment which seeks its unabated flow of its Satyam (The Divine Truth); of its Shivam (The Pure Divine Essence); and of its Sundaram (The Graceful Wisdom) of life supreme infinitely, Om Namaha Shivaya, Jai Shiva Shakti, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi