Playing God? God’s Play? The Soul’s Desire, Sankalpa=Pure Intent; Universal Quintessence

natures-beauty-is-full-of-mysteryThe Universe is multidimensional and there are yet more explorations ongoing across the frontiers of space to unearth newer habitations and terrains beyond our known existence on Earth. However, while some of the most remarkable expeditions and researches are ongoing, it has been reported  that some beings are invariably playing God by modifying the genetic code of life?


They are engaging in genetic engineering with exploration of selective possibilities but then how could the cosmic energy ever be recreated to infuse and reprogram and emulate the human brain? And then how about the consciousness, the soul and the remarkable will power of goodwill?

Nature 4

Could mechanical functionalities and systematic methodologies ever grasp the vital essence and ingredients of the devotion, the discipline and the analytical determination of the graceful wisdom of the human heart?


Expanding reality can perhaps be able to simulate and phenomenally transform the landscapes of the world but then seeking to recreate an expanded field of consciousness on a replicated basis, customized in accordance with scientific theories? This has never ever been achieved over the glorious centuries of civilizations and remains pre ordained with certain set of limitations that have a threshold of conscious observance of all elements, particles and energies of evolutionary manifestation respectively.

Nature 3

And there is another procedure such as the cryonics technology that seeks to preserve some human beings at extremely cold temperatures with the hope of extending the life span of the concerned individuals when in the centuries ahead, some scientific discoveries will be able to restore life to the respective organs of the participants in their mysterious expedition? How come, how can anyone ever elude the doctrines, tenets and exemplification of nature? of the universe? and of one’s divine essence?


The eternal life of the soul consciousness merges back with the universal consciousness upon completion of its earthly sojourn which is the cosmic nature of evolution and the law of ethical governance of creation. However, if some individuals want to curiously aspire to create their own universe in which they lay down the rules, regulations and redraw the beliefs and conventionality of existence? Then they are apparently treading on converse pathways of creation. Well, it is their own perception and perspective that they are holding onto while being beheld yet again by the very identical fabric of life that all of creation has to undergo and transform biologically and evolutionarily. It is to be understood that life’s integrity, principles and values are truly sacred and even when deciphering the codes of nature, all that emanates is purity that expresses the greatness of creation in each and every phase of its cycles of renewed sustainability. Renewed sustenance since life eternal dwells on the hope and moral conscience of life’s eternity, of being able to be resourceful and a meaningful contributor towards each and every phase of civilization in its contemporary cascade of remarkable ingenuity and fabled wisdom.

Nature 2“Attention” It is to be extremely important and to be carefully noted, well understood and not confused when any efforts and initiatives are undertaken to further heal, protect, safeguard and strengthen the core interests of human beings for authentic, genuine and legitimate causes such as helping those suffering from rare diseases or even otherwise when facing some unfortunate deformities or yet again pursuing better life sustenance possibilities.

nature beauty

The pivotal salient factor being that there are millions of individuals who are going through enormous life challenging moments and struggle to live each and every day and when some measures and steps are effectively undertaken in their best and fair interests; to ensure that they could live and lead a normal dignified and healthy life fulfilled with wellness like everyone else, then those researches provided that they are not exploiting other forms of life through any animal research or otherwise are understandable. Those, being noble and pure intents are espousing goodness for the welfare of one and all is in conformance with the forces of creation for it is treading well within the limitations of what is the pure divine morality of universal quintessence.naturey 7

The soul desires to attain eternal fulfillment where reality of life is the supreme judge and righteousness the true essence of its amazing evolution. Sankalpa’s translational definition refers to the sacred commitment of our highest truth which is expressed forth from the ensconced realms of our heart and soul enchantingly. It is the pure intent of the spirit of life that encompasses the integrity of adherence to our swadharma; this when further translated refers to integral observance of one’s duties towards one’s nature; it is the practice of righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently.nature 8

Looking at the sacred creation of life, we are amazed and respectfully bow in utmost reverence to the creator of the Universe whilst ensuring that we are living our light; being true to our nature as well as nature to our truth and realizing that we have each been appointed and designated to play a certain role in our lives which are well within the divine capacity of honoring our true nature and our true self.nature 7a

For worshiping God with all our minds, hearts and soul full of pure devotion and discipline regarding the great privilege of being able to obediently and faithfully serve our divine heritage as children of God and realize that whether God’s play or playing God is completely in God’s hands and power and that as human beings, we must be aware of the respectful boundaries and limitations whether in thought, speech, deeds or expressions; having been well conferred with the graceful wisdom to focus with one pointedness to devotionally create greater good for the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe consciously, conscientiously, diligently, prudently, righteously, sincerely, tenaciously, truthfully and wisely, God bless.


©2015 Vashi Chandi