Vessels of Devotion, Discipline, Grace, Respect and Wisdom; Shivaratri, The Great Celestial Matrimony

















The auspicious festival of Maha Shivaratri (The great celestial divine union of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati) is being celebrated on 17 February 2015 respectively.


It inspires us to reflect upon the essence of water; that it never changes its essence. Put water anywhere, it flows and always contributes to itself as well as to all that it comes into contact with remarkably well. The character of water is a symbolism of the divine essence in each and every form of God’s creations.


As water gracefully adapts itself to the vessel that it is poured into; likewise some individuals align and graciously adapt to the circumstances of their lives in such a way that they compliment each and every moment of their lives very most amazingly.


If we give them a moment, they make it a monument. If we give them a measure, they create a treasure, the significance is that they do not seek to glorify or self applaud but rather endeavor to co habituate and nourish the elements of creation conscientiously, compassionately, considerately, consonantly, diligently, prudently, righteously, sincerely, tenaciously, truly and wisely.


Respectfully reflecting upon the matrimony of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati shines forth to mind the sacredness of devotion, the character of discipline along with the purity of the elements of divine vision, the divine will as well as the divine wisdom of creation.


The divine grace of Shiva (Pure divine essence and Sacred auspiciousness) along with Shakti (The Divine cosmic energy) makes us realize that when a marriage takes place; it is representing the dignified ceremony of the life of a lifetime of two souls merging as one to further emerge as the pure divine oneness of the creative magnificence of being. It is the sanctified commitment that is the adoration, the duty, the moral conscience and courage along with the worship of each and every essence of evolution.


As human beings, we are all sharing a commitment to live our light; for it is from this divine light that is ensconced and enshrined within the realms of our higher selves and true natures that we come across the seat and embodiment of the gracious knowledge, fabulous priceless virtues and the covenants+doctrines and tenets of ethical governance of principles and values that could help us lead fulfilling lives infinitely.


We are constantly radiating energy from within our sacred hearts that is amazingly sustained by the shuddh bhav (pure intent). The universe that is out there seeks the path that is within itself so imbuing the greatness of the universe when we likewise embrace the completeness of our graceful wisdom intuitively, we experience the feeling of being water within the vessel and adapt+mold seamlessly and proficiently almost as if we are amphibious and then understand that each and every form of being exists as its core understanding. As each living being expands its consciousness, so thereby it enhances its scope of creative goodness and phenomenal capabilities to energize and strengthen the chakras(energy zones) located within the circumference of being at the epicenter of creation’s infinity.


The wisdom of Shiva Shakti resonates that the sun shines for all alike; this is heralding the truth of life’s gracefulness which elucidates that what has to happen as truth has been.The simplest of words contain the most powerful of statements for within them is the pure intent of righteousness along with the sincerity of devotion and the discipline of sacredness enchantingly. The vessel also refers to the space within us whose capacity to create expands its insight-fulness synonymously with nature, with the universe, with the cosmos and all of creation blossoming the harvest of eternal goodness to flow graciously in its abundant wealth of contributing to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of evolution in accordance with its primordial objectives of the sacred commandments of creation conscientiously.


The symbolic representations of the vessels of life seeks to refer to a more sanctified meaning and definition. With vessels, we can seek to contain, whereas with the vessels of life, we can aspire and strive to attain; this is attaining through what is contained within and not merely serving just as a storage of certain objects, it is the attainment of the objective of self realization principally and beyond this unfolds the rhythmic cascade of the greater definitions of life’s purposeful meaningful and constructive wonderfulness for as human beings, there is an inner depth of meaning to what each aspect of our lives contains and then it is upto each and everyone of us to ensure that we are living with true discipline and pure devotion in serving; in attending+observance of our dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds).eckhart-tolle-i-am-the-now

As life conducts its interviews, the symphony of the cosmos through the auspices of the vessels of gracious virtues that remain ensconced within the sacred realms of our trueselves nourish our cosmic evolution; in helping us to expand our consciousness and raise ourselves to the level of the divine light that shines forth from within as well as all around us magnificently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi