Prayers and Thoughts, 3 Students Shot to death, Chapel Hill














Three noble souls are no longer amidst us, their precious lives were a promise to be proud of. They lived their lives with dignity and respect but alas due to the most senseless shocking attack, all that remains is immense sadness and profound tragedy.

They carried millions of hopes that were all brutally taken away from them almost instantaneously due to no fault of theirs at all.

They lived their lives peacefully and were aspiring to fulfill their respective ambitions with a sense of commitment, purpose and righteousness; but alas, all that remains are poignant memories and an endless spate of shocking moments that keep reverberating the impact of speechlessness.

There are endless questions filled with the fragility of those most shocking moments; at this moment and yet ahead nothing else comes to mind other than prayers and thoughts for our brother and sisters who are very sadly away from us; Peace, Love and Light

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Opt Serve, Sow Divine Vision, God’s Particle, The Infinite Universe


You will observe upon expanding your consciousness and raising it to the level of the divine light; your own behavior as a spectator and be able to remarkably improve and endeavor to opt serve through sowing forth your divine vision through the integrative process of the net at first; then the inner net and the fine net which will further weave the finite that leads through the composite through your calm pure sight and then remarkably the infinite divine essence of who you truly are will behold the entire Universe within its own vision.


You will begin to feel the Universe within you as well as all around you as a noble element of God’s particle that compliments each and every aspect and particle of evolution in its majestic creation of spaciousness, timelessness, nothingness and wonderfulness amazingly all deriving their sacred energies from the pure divine oneness of all that was, all that is and all that will ever be.


You will then realize that with each pulse of your impulse, you have, you are and you will always be connected to the Universe conscientiously for through your pure intents you have been able to unfold revelations that may have taken centuries to reach you.


But well then you were, are and continue to remain an ardent student of the Universe who was+is and will be learning all along from the exploration with your devotion, discipline, righteousness and sincerity in embracing the truthfulness of your being divine as divinity is being your incarnate truth and will continue towards the graduation which is the process of self realization; akin to the lotus unfolding its petals gracefully.


Seek to introspectively engage with utmost discipline and respectfulness in the intuitive conversations with your higher self, with your true nature, with your true self and with your divine essence on a daily basis, punctually in the early morning hours for a few minutes during your meditative consciousness moments.


The opt+option to true serve; the sow divine vision as well as the net of the infinite Universe are words that we create in our minds to call forth for the dawning, appearance and manifestation of the desired aspects but the vital ingredient and sustaining element of all forces is the virtue of your shuddh bhav (pure intent); for without that, all else would be perched at the precipice of acquainting you with your divine grace, with your divine purpose, with your divine principles, with your divine values, with your divine vision, with your divine will and with your divine wisdom as the sacred one with the sanctified oneness of the greatness of creation in its amazing evolution infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi