ICC Cricket World Cup, Best Wishes


Cricket is synonymous with the gloriousness of each creative choice objectively based upon its alignment with the ever precisioned present moment.

Cricket,  Cre Cate; Cre refers to create while Cate refers to the pure intent of the choicest wisdom. It is the remarkable awakening to the collective consciousness of the symphonic brilliance of  our intelligent faculties passionately.

The  true love of global sportsmanship is encompassed within the belief of the team spirit’s ingenious insights relating to an disciplined expression of their tremendous potentialities oneness amazingly, God bless.

 ©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Science of the Mind


Infinite-Possibilities     The mind wanders a lot? The minder wonders allot true! Between the wandering and wondering remains the meridian pathway of focus.



Depending upon what we accentuate our attentive focus upon with our pure intent; life almost reflexively keeps unfolding likewise set of circumstance, events, eventualities, incidents, manifestations and results.



Then it is life that wonders upon our pre determined sets of choices and options that we keep aligning ourselves with, thinking that while we have got what we seek and yet keep seeking what we have forgotten?


The strategic intuitive approach is to ensure that we are living our dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds) with observance of righteousness for the consciousness of each and ever cell of our being creates that which is fair and we are deserving as well as worthy of.



So while wandering might be leading here, there, anywhere or nowhere and wondering might be all leading to fine tune and tread with greater precision; the pathway in between, that is the silent attentive and unstinting focused mind that is not perturbed or distracted by mindless thoughts or taughts, strengthens our nerves and trains our brain to engage in constructive, purposeful and sincere self talk+activities as well as intellectual expansion of the channelizing of our mind, brain and hearts graceful wisdom to derive greater acquaintance with the divine set of principles and values that remain ensconced within the realms of our true nature and true self consistently.


This is not aimlessly or speculatively seeking to go round about exploring any new frontiers or newer ways of thinking, rather it is what it was, has and will always be; which is being true to our nature as well as nature to our truth, for the science of the mind and the mind of the assignments operate with the core factors which are enshrined within our nerve impulses.


Carefully remember and understand that our nerve cells (neurons) communicate with one another rapidly and then the signals that are transcending right across to our brains and the resultant is almost as if pre programmed, whereas all that is actually unfolding is the command structure heeding and paying careful attentiveness and focus to the seed of our focal attentiveness.



This also reveals one aspect which is that we are in many ways bestowed and endowed with the graceful wisdom of training our minds, our brains, our hearts as well as our intellects and our nerve cells (neurons) to maturely respond whereby we are setting forth a likewise set of processes to further evolve. Remember yet again, it is not the remainder but the reminder that will help us more fol we have been taught to live our lives pro actively since re actively we may respond from a sense of urgency or panic at times; but with pro actively, we are inputting certain commands within the structure of our being, within our DNA to creatively and competently manage and respond to various situations of our lives conscientiously.

superconscious mind and theta brainwaves

We may have noticed that how we at times keep forcing, enforcing and denying and then actually conclude with experiencing tremendous pressure of helplessness and fatigue; of weariness and stress and hyper tension? But why? Why keep challenging our being in engaging with what’s not right for us please? Why not realize and do what is actually right by the virtue of acceptance; indeed acceptance of the true essence of various aspects and factors and then doing what is righteous and wise with due diligence, integrity, prudence and a sense of alert vigilance.


The mind’s devotion and discipline leads us to achieving remarkable results in our lives but the pathways that remain in between maybe fraught with tremendous consternation, doubts and hesitance’s; however the strength of our character, our good conduct, our divine principles, our divine values, our divine vision, our divine will and our divine wisdom each play a vital role in nourishing the consciousness of the cells of our complete being characteristically.


Be glad that you are able to lead a meaningful life and whether having your mind wander or your mindfulness wonder, realize the potential of the intuitive focal attentiveness that is there as well, for that span of a few moments could possibly enrich you right across your lifetime amazingly.


Whether praying for divine benediction and supplicating, earnestly yearning for God’s grace to prevail; for miracles to unfold; for healing to occur, for life to improve, for relationships to blossom or to creatively launch greater discoveries and inventions for the goodwill and welfare of humankind; whatever it maybe, it all needs authentic initiatives, efforts and the shuddh bhav (pure intent) for the mind is not just an instrument that is supposed to be utilized to get things done, rather the mind is gateway and pathway to the consciousnesses, the sub consciousness and then further sacredly to the super consciousness which is also referred to as the cosmic consciousness.


Reaching the pinnacle of the mind’s apex and pivotal stance, we can further keep expanding our consciousness to realize our beings conscientiousness for within each and every one of God’s creations, everything and everythink is right in its place and seeks its placement in its righteousness by being consciously aware; by being conscientious; by being committed, compassionate and considerate; by being diligent,; by being prudent; by being righteous; by being sincere; by being tenacious, truthful and wise; for the minds discipline is its pure devotion and the minds devotion is the synonymous purity of discipline in thought, action and expression infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi