Only For me? Form me only? Name or Aim? Live and Let Live

quotes-about-life_5432-0What else do we have to take from here? For me, for me, for me, for me, for me, for me, for me? Form me! Truth takes from hear to heart, then what else do we do?

The point is that some individuals take far much more from the Universe, from Nature, from the Environment, from one another and basically from wherever their minds and hands can reach across, how come?

They go around expanding to ensure they have the monopoly and squash anything that comes in their way? They only want to settle for far much more than their fair share, then their merit, than what they actually deserve? Yet again, how come?

The Universe operates and functions on the basis of certain laws and regulations that ensure justice prevails and then whether one may realize it or not, right from their very own hearts emerges the voice of their conscience reminding them that this is real life and not a game play; that the for me, for me and for me…..; has lead to become their very own form?

They were never like this at all, they started with the aspirations and ambitions to create greater good for one and all but then due to certain negative tendencies, they started hoarding anything and everything they could ever think or imagine thereby depreciating the natural resources of the earth as well as all of life.remain human

But then as always, time comes with its contending consequences to demand retribution and accountability where when they want to give away all the wealth of their lifetime in order to be able to release them from their guilt and wrongdoing, no amount of pleading or supplications could ever exonerate them for right here in this very Universe, one must pay for one’s deeds firmly.

That is why, if there may still be some individuals engaging in any such devious actions, they mus realize and reform; invest in their communities, let the wealth they have amassed go back to help those who are barely able to make ends meet; contribute by establishing more schools, colleges, universities and subsidized hospitals that provide essential and emergency medical care and aid to the needy spontaneously; as well as shelter, pure drinking and sanitation water as well as to plant more trees and avoid any indiscriminate slaughter of animals whether for sport or pleasure; as well as engage in philanthropic causes that are not name or fame oriented, but truly aim oriented for in this life, we are going to be recognized and remembered by our aims and not our names. Basically, it could also be establishing more sports centers so that the younger generation could be able to expand their intellectual aspirations far beyond the physical gymnastics/sports/recreation alone, since a sound body could help a sounder mind and likewise. There maybe various other needy causes that each and every community knows very well that will need to be given greater importance, prioritization and implementation but this is all talk about needing more and more, whereas it is actually seeking on one hand and contributing back on the other hand by provision of more means and resources to the contributors so that they maybe further empowered to keep sustaining the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe constructively and nobly.

The Universe will recognize what good we did and not who we were for our name is a title that will be there on a plaque or a memorial or even on a street intersection or yet further even be named after a town, a city, a suburb and so much more? But the aims would help sustain the very fabric of millions of needy Families who maybe yearning for their next slice of bread, living on barely two slices of bread or even less a day along with a glass of milk, where do they go from here?

Their Children needing education, medication along with other basic amenities; as well as those suffering from diseases may not have enough to obtain the needful, so of what “actual”‘ “real:, “moral” and meaningful purpose or use are those names going to be to these needy individuals? There are many roads, bridges and millions of dollars being spent upon art while the only road and bridge of the heart is reachable through our heart filled with compassion; the calm passion to practice righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently.


The point also is that to do something, it is better to true sum think; meaning that instead of having large conferences, confer the largeness towards needy causes and facilitate the conferences through networking. Millions of peoples lives would be saved since there would be no announcements or prestige or media publicity and recognition and also the vote banks and likes maybe silent but the true aims of our lives would be abundantly fulfilled for we would be doing what the graceful wisdom of our heart guides us to do, which is to engage in each and every action and initiative with a sense of conscious awareness, with a sense of purpose, diligence, prudence, tenacity, righteousness, sincerity, truthfulness and wisdom.

It is about live and let live, not having to fight wars for more and more land and sacrificing precious lives so that one’s names and proclamations maybe shining brightly? The aims that shine outshine any brightness of any names for it is our purposeful living that creates the greatness of our lives infinitely, it is about live and let live.

Do remember there is abundance in this Universe when we create truly recognize in the greatness of our life’s divine purpose, divine principles and divine values for we are merely custodians, having been conferred the intellect and gracious wisdom to defend our integrity and integral territories as well as to sustain our lives and enrich them but not that we richen them to the point of taking away others happiness and what rightfully belongs to others for there will come a time we will realize that all of this that we chased was actually right here and in fact much more greater wealth resides within the realm of our true nature, of our true self and of our higher self, of our divine essence than we could ever imagine for the understanding and realizing of our joy belongs to being true to our nature as well as nature to our truth; aiming but not claiming for the focus on the aim could strengthen and spread greater joyfulness for millions of needy individuals and what to do with the name plaque or a monument which could be one yearning for someone like you to fulfill your life’s purpose by bringing greater fulfillment in millions of lives and thereby replenishing the very essence of your own life magnificently as well, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi