Adhar, Aadhaar; Niradhar; To be or Not to be; The Choices, The Voices, The Vices and The Virtues

welldone Adhar and Aadhaar’s Sanskrit definition refers to the base and the foundation. Niradhar’s Sanskrit definition refers to baseless and Hebrew definition of Nira refers to the plough while Dhar’s Sanskrit definition refers to the flow.

The essence of delving into the depth of the words translational definitions is not a symbolic effort but rather a sincere intent to decipher the remarkable commandment associated with the phrases and words; their creative magnificent power whether dormant in the mind scape or active across the landscapes.

Sometimes, perhaps we may think, so what it is just another word after all? Its not like that with life, it is another world altogether. Like for example, the captioned refers to the essence of being, in this regard let us examine the following. Not to, Note to, Not true; in these three set of words, one is seeking to refrain, the other seeks engagement and the third refers to the authenticity factor, so just by even the simplest of words, whether thought of or spoken is likewise sending forth a signal, an impulse across our nerves as well as the neurons of the universe.

This is the cosmic mind seeking to understand itself in the ingenious creation of yet another newer aspiration of infinity as it gracefully aligns and weaves the strands of its pathways for creation to unfold in its enclave prior to manifesting into the world that we live in and the universe that we experience within as well as all around us.


As human beings, we have been gifted with the supernatural ability to intelligently discern and rationally make certain choices and then establish our determination by granting our explicit consent for our preferred objectives. In this regard, the forces of creation do not contract or expand, retard or revolt, intensify or extinguish, resort or distort; basically creation follows the commands and then ensues the karmic representation of the epiphany observing and archiving the complete process for judgement; that is why we are reminded to be consciously aware of what we are creating, whether in thought or deed, to be diligently and prudently aware and disciplined, for the patterns that our intellect is developing and generating might be something else than we are “completely” aware; the “totality” and facts of things and thinks as they are and actually represent embody circumstantial evidence which is command structured and does maintain the repository of all that is ever thought, felt and expressed, whether across the passage of our thoughts or the corridors of enactments respectively.

To summarize the above as well as the captioned in a few words might not be possible since it encompasses multitude statements of tremendous responsibilities for creativeness and creation are engineered through intelligent effort and devoted discipline. Our intellectual faculties are pre ordained and pre programmed to integrate and create along with the cosmos evolutionarily as we may never have imagined or realized as yet. Sometimes, we are beholding a thought and voila there we are right away experiencing its fruition, how did that happen, we wonder almost aloud and keep rubbing our eyes in remarkable wonder at the process of creation, whether there is some sort or type of a link, that as we chose the words and the universe delivered almost instantaneously. What was it that created and brought about such wonderful results, almost as if out of nothing at all, the simplest of thoughts are indeed the purest of taughts and teach us far much more about the vital factor and virtue of righteousness that remains ensconced within each and every pure intent conscientiously. So do think wise and well, perform will and goodwill in all that you think, do, express and create for yourselves and others with a sense of self awareness infinitely; May the joy of creative wisdom be yours, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Happy Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese New Year, Our Hearts Graceful Wisdom


February 19 2015 heralds the celebrations of the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese New Year harmoniously. It is a wonderful opportunity to cordially reach across and felicitate the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese communities as they usher in the new year with joyful enthusiasm.

This is represented by the harvesting season that empowers the commencement of a newer seasonal cycle filled with the abundance of goodwill, hope, progress, sustainability and welfare gratuitously.

This also marks the beginning of the year of the Goat. The Goat represents the characteristics of ambition, aspiration, courage, determination, diligence, prudence and wisdom focused upon the infinite goal of fulfilling our life’s duties with  a sense of commitment, devotion, discipline, conscientiousness, integrity, respectfulness and self awareness remarkably, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi