Kundalini, Prana Shakti, Life Force Energy, Shiva Shakti Mandala, The Cosmic Glow of Our Consciousness


Let us be an expression of the divine grace in all that we think, do and express consistently.



Endeavor to express from the core essence of our being; for it is from there that the Kundalini, the Prana Shakti (Life Force Energy) expresses itself.


We are all conferred with an amazing potential to compassionately, conscientiously, considerately, creatively, diligently, disciplinarily, devotionally, faithfully, graciously, gratefully, fulfillingly, focally, intuitively, intelligently, joyfully, legitimately, morally, nobly, obediently, prudently, promisingly, provisionally, purposefully, radiantly, responsibly, sincerely, tenaciously, truthfully and wisely live our lives by ensuring that we are resourcefully aligning with and not just casually or randomly utilizing our Prana Shakti (Life Force Energy).


Many individuals spend an enormous amount of their precious energies in contemplating and engaging; in reflecting and speculating about unfounded theories and thinking how to capture or gain attention and glamor?They want publicity, likes featured on their social interactive pages as well as a grand array of followers? Then comes time with its account-abilities demanding the reason for our deviation from the actual purposefulness of our living and in that one glimpse of the actual facts and reality, they want to concede everything else and desire only the self awareness but by deviation from their life’s sanctified objectives, they have been depleting their life force energies upon trivial aspects? Whereas the Prana Shakti (Life Force Energy) is far much more than we could ever understanding, it is prevalent in each and every form of matter and its elements nourish the purity of evolution where there are none of the tendencies such as anger, contempt, greed, hatred, jealousy, lies or malice whatsoever; rather what is there is always there, which is an abundance of goodwill, good will and will good, for good will is God’s will and from there onwards as we ensure to live in conformance with our respective dharma (duties), we will be able to do and achieve remarkably far much more with the very same amount of Prana Shakti (Life Force Energy) to fulfill our karma (deeds) meritoriously.

Shiva Shakti

Let us simplify this to be able to understand more clearly; there is a vital energy link between our being and the cosmos; the universe; nature and the environment. As we attune to the cosmic energy, the cosmic force, the prana shakti (life force energy), we are receiving and transmitting at certain frequencies a certain power, a certain energy whose essence we better understand when we expand our consciousness to the level of the divine light ensconced within the realm of our higher self and our cosmic consciousness. When we want to reach a particular web site address or listen to a commentary of a match or a tournament, we have to tune to the particular frequency to be able to listen or watch as appropriate; so that means, there is a specific definite objective and set of initiatives, not just any random vacillation or the attitude of wanting to have everything without actually understanding even one single think? Remember that every aspect of our lives is a sacred principle and value of the divine manifestation of creation and that by realizing our divinity, we experience our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom and keep ascending and elevating across the amazing platforms of our transcendence towards sananda samidhi; supreme bliss infinitely.WakeUpLogoHigh

The corollary being that when we align, we are thereby empowering; and when we egoistically or grudgingly utilize, we are depleting and then experiencing a sense of fatigue and tiredness as well as loss of interest and aimlessness in our objectives; but why? Why not align with our creative intelligence in realizing instead of harnessing for the divine cosmic  powers that remain latent and in a dormant state within each and everyone of God’s creations require an extremely pure, respectful and sacred awakening to and then conformance truly by ensuring that we are ever gloriously living in the now; with+in the present moment of our lives to unfold our lives gracious presents in order to further contribute towards the Universal presentation and representation of our being one with the oneness of all creation in its infinite expedition of making us realize our true nature, our true self, our divine essence and our supreme consciousness consonantly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi