Mexico, Siempre Unidos, Siempre Aztecas, Always United, Always Aztecas


Congratulations Mexico on your Día de la Bandera; Flag Day, God bless.

When we reflect upon the greatness of Mexico, we are inspired by its motto;  Libertad, Trabajo, Cultura Freedom, Work, Culture.

Indeed with the virtue of freedom, we expand our higher consciousness to the level of the divine light that remains ensconced within our true nature to intuitively engage in the introspective conversation with our divine essence. With work we meritoriously strive to remarkably compliment the dignity of our personal as well as professional lives brilliantly and with culture we embrace the characteristical heritage and heartbeat of the tremendous wealth of our civilization that is encompassed with rich values, divine principles and graceful wisdom as it flourishes through the consonance of our oneness joyously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Estonia, Positively Transforming

743931Congratulations Estonia on your 97th National Day, God bless.

When we reflect upon the greatness of Estonia, we are inspired by its slogan; Positively Transforming; Indeed he very core essence of life is the amazing evolution of positive transformations.

Positiveness reflects the dignity of our character, the virtue of our moral courage and the sanctity of our divine values infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

i, What We Take



i humbly seeks to refer to the collective consciousness of evolution.


We are all living in a World that is living within us. As we breathe, we connect with the Universe that breathes through us as well.This is the divine principle of infinity that is attributing to the amazing rhythmic flow and passage of energy.


When we reflect upon the definition of the Universe, there comes forth its precise corollary which is Universus. This signifies the essence of creation is resourcefully emerging from within itself.


We need to be inspired by the Universe in its graceful evolution by being infinite. It is the within of our higher selves that we will be able to realize the divine potential of our indomitable will power and magnificent wisdom of being one with the oneness of all that was, is and will ever be.


The Universe as well as the Universus remains incomplete without the “i”. This is not just a symbolic representation by removing the alphabet ‘i” from within the Universe and Universus such as Un_verse and Un_versus.


Rather it is far more remarkably empowering for the “i” with the elements of consciousness are designated with the initialization of creation and then the Un meaning not and Verse means to specify and versus which means the converse; the opposition of itself here actually seeks to align within itself.


Putting the above together, we have the following. Not+To Specify+Against leading to Alignment. This means that the symposium of almost everything is nothing and then the convergence of nothing actually connects everything else to create the Universe that we all experience.

Infinite Wayne Dyer

It is something to be considered with dignity and utmost respect for we are a part and path of creation that is flowing through us and thereby we are participating in the evolution of the Universe in its own unique ways.


Which also means that wherever we are, whatever we do, whatever we imagine, think and perform; we are somehow or the other affecting a part and path of creation by that very set of motion for energy is in motion with our emotions.


To ascertain and nobly verify this, we may have experienced how we felt and those pure set of feelings and intents reached right across the Universe almost instantaneously and if we notice some people seeking healing, how they experience a miraculous feeling and recuperate amazingly almost as if the divine benediction has been conferred upon them graciously; and well that divine element and particle of grace emanates from the gracious wisdom of the human heart where we feel for one another of creation as one in the oneness of the Universal constitution.


Some of us speak of infinity to eternity and knowing that eternity is the cosmic stillness of one moment forever and infinity being the sequence of the very identical one moment flowing in consonance with its oneness of evolution leaves us with profound admiration and the highest sense of appreciation for the creation of the Universe within itself.     6

What we take, we take from here and have to consequently return back to the Universe upon the completion of our earthly sojourn.


So regardless of any form of creation is inextricably connected in the greatness of the Universal evolution through the auspices of the elements of collective consciousness that seeks to remind us that we did not create the Universe; we are the co creators along with Nature and the Environment in shaping the Universe.

Stress T.-Harv-Eker-What-you-focus-on-expands.-Focus-on-the-positive


maat mons  we-and-universe-quote-by-michael-laitman-2


However in the process the remarkable transformation of the evolution that is occurring around us is influencing the Universe within us and vice versa whereby what is occurring within the Universe that is within us; within our higher selves and higher consciousness; our true nature, our true self and our divine essence is actually unifying us one in the oneness of creation’s infinite evolution eternally, where the moment that was as well as the moment that is and that the moment that will ever be derives its cosmological empowerment and sustenance from the now, the current, the present moment of our lives infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi