Mexico, Siempre Unidos, Siempre Aztecas, Always United, Always Aztecas


Congratulations Mexico on your Día de la Bandera; Flag Day, God bless.

When we reflect upon the greatness of Mexico, we are inspired by its motto;  Libertad, Trabajo, Cultura Freedom, Work, Culture.

Indeed with the virtue of freedom, we expand our higher consciousness to the level of the divine light that remains ensconced within our true nature to intuitively engage in the introspective conversation with our divine essence. With work we meritoriously strive to remarkably compliment the dignity of our personal as well as professional lives brilliantly and with culture we embrace the characteristical heritage and heartbeat of the tremendous wealth of our civilization that is encompassed with rich values, divine principles and graceful wisdom as it flourishes through the consonance of our oneness joyously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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