One with God, The Divine Union

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One with God, got with Oneness. The divinity of being is the essence of creation.


Shambu Shambavi, Narayan Narayani, Parmeshwar Parmeshwari; this is respectfully seeking to refer to pure sacred auspiciousness of being that is radiantly emerging and merging with the divine cosmic energy of evolution graciously; whereby the cosmos unfolds its divine constellation of infinite creation with the magnificence of eternity before; beyond and thereafter.


God asks us to just be; true be just; but we keep on insistently seeking validation and exclaiming that improve, i’m proof; to solely improve us only and nothing else? This is the egoistical intonation that is audibly echoing itself regarding me and me rather than we and us? i time and again seeks to humbly refer to the symposium of our collective consciousness.


Who are we trying to prove to? What are we exclusively claiming as if it is our birthright and that God legitimately owes to confer us with supremacy? Everything is perishable except our soul and its enchanting devotion towards the divine within us; this is when we expand and raise our consciousness to the level of the divine light which enables us to transcend beyond where with the divine sight of our graceful insightful wisdom we intuitively perceive the divine glimpse of who we truly are; and yet further with profound awe lo we behold our radiant self and true identity that is egoless; that is formless; that is nameless; that is emotionless; that is desire-less; that is the embodiment of the brilliant magnificent divine light of creation infused with the pure divine energy of the cosmos in harmonious alignment and consonance with peace.
rumi we are oneThis is just only the pure radiance that seeks to be in divine union with God for which we must ensure that we faithfully serve by ethically attending to our respective dharma (duties) to fulfill ourcorespective karma (deeds) with a sense ofself awareness conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi


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