Life tells, Reality beckons, Realization dawns; Sabka Mangal Ho, Universal Goodwill, Harmony and Welfare








Live with reality to realize with living. While there are somethings that we cannot change, there are some thinks that can change us completely after all. Somethings make us realize but then it is the reality of life that remarkably makes us summon the courage and wisdom to yield the things we are actually after.



It is our perception of reality as it is; the now, the present moment of our lives demanding ever conscious and vigilant attentiveness, diligence and prudence along with our gracious courage, respect and divine wisdom; not solely the realization of our perception by itself alone that seeks to arrange and rearrange various factors in our lives for live in reality for every aspect of our lives works in unison, in conjunction and in harmonious alignment with nature, with the cosmos, with the environment, with the world that is within us as well as all around us, for the whole world, the complete/entire universe is one family that is interconnected with one another and it is this one cosmic breath that unites and unties us as well upon completion of our earthly sojourn; which is why many a time, we are constantly reminded to live with reality, live for reality for that is what life is all along, life is the reality of realization most of the times and conversely the realization of our reality as well.

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Most of us have become consciously aware and are living in alignment with the reality of our lives which is absolutely wonderful and for those who are living in illusion, we can only send across our healing thoughts filled with a vision of graceful wisdom that they will awaken to the authenticity of their true nature.


Life is unfolding what we have folded within it and then life obeying the commands of either our conscious or our sub conscious mind unfolds those identical set of factors in our lives almost as if out of nothing at all. Regarding the folding process, life does not know whether we folded it then, now or will fold it later on; it is neutrally and command oriented, focused upon bringing forth what our cherished aspirations seek from the realm of our primordial objectives.



It is also life obeying the commandments of nature, of evolution, of the universe and we experience the reality and realization intelligently aligned and merged as the oneness of creation. Then, when if we reflect upon and retrospectively seek; and/or introspectively yearn for, we will notice that life precisely did, does and continues to do what is reasonable appropriate in the respective circumstances, situations and pathways related to the fields of the magnanimous possibilities of our lives.


That is why, we cannot alter/change reality or our realization; for while realization seeks to remind us regarding the truth as we know it, reality is about the roots of the routes which gain their wisdom from the seat of realization after all. And there prevails at each and every given instance the virtue of righteousness that considerably prevails, for when we are attending to and doing whatever it is with the pure intent of the virtue of righteousness empowering our sanctified objectives; then apprehend/grasp the true essence of the priceless learning and teachings; all the guidance, intelligence, principles and values; the ambition, aspiration, the knowledge and the intuitive paradigms; absolutely everything converges and we tend as well as intend to have a better and more mature understanding of various aspects and incidents of our lives and live more pro actively instead of re-actively after all. Imagine how living our lives methodically and systematically in an well organized manner that is in sync with reality and realization as well as the elements of consciousness; the divine virtues embodied within our true nature as well as ensuring time and again the ever diligently and prudent alert and vigilant attitude of leading ourselves well ahead instead of just exploring here, there or anywhere astray for when we came to this world, we came well equipped and are constantly well endowed and are consistently bestowed with our priceless intellectual faculties that can help us achieve phenomenal results, but then our egoistic tendencies have many a time weave a net upon net upon net and nets of delusions and ignorance impacting our behavior and beliefs; making some of us think that we are creating life? that we are replicating life? that we are experimenting life at our terms and conditions and then dictating  to life instead of abiding by its graceful wisdom; how come? How can we re draft the ethical tenets of our life’s sacredness, we have come to this world to play a role that principally encompasses playing our primordial duties and objectives and some of us have deviated by acclaiming and proclaiming that we know better and inform others menacingly that they better change now towards deviation otherwise to face the consequences? How come…….?


The calm sequences of our lives time and again importantly precaution us to realize that we are the children of God and not that we can do whatever and however and whenever and wherever we deem appropriate; there is a disciplined code of conduct; there are sacred principles and divine values that need to be strictly conformed to, we cannot re write the sacred hymns and scripts to suit our own convenience, that would be a gross error and the consequences would ultimately hurt us who engage in any such malicious intent whether at the thought or action level in any capacity, reflecting upon the divine remains divine, it cannot be mine alone; it is universal and it is one God, there is no, there are no divisions; or prejudices or discrimination or indiscriminate retaliation towards human or animal lives for everything that is occurring is not just happening and disappearing, there is a far greater intelligence and avenue of evidence and legality; the law of the universe that knows how to do what and when and where; the law of karma; the law of sow and reap; the law of what goes round, comes around and whatever way we may call it; the law remains the same, that we have to pay a price for our actions, initiatives and deeds regardless of the time and space that may come in between for nothing gets erased from the cosmic memory, all remains lucidly clear and the hands of time will teach those deviating the barest of truths that they knew all along but sought to defy and contravene and then ultimately paid the price manifold for sheer disregard and utter ignorance and negligence, embarking on each instance of life;s gracious chapters with one;s negative set of tendencies, greed, hatred, jealousy, suppressed emotions and then actually hurting one’s own self more than anyone else after all; but why? why? why? all of the complexities and deviations? For reality is reality, realization is realization, facts are facts, principles are principles and values are values and elements are elements, so why try to recreate another set of universes right within this one universe of ours? Why keep disregarding the divine essence and forcing others to adopt such pathways that are against one another’s well being and goodness? When we know what is the reality and realize what life is conveying to us, why should we seek to listen and force others to listen and live along the errant pathways and doctrines of living? For every element of pain or suffering that anyone of us may mete out to others, the manifold and enormously multiplied set of pain and suffering would unfold in the lives of those committing any such grevious actions for nature, the environment, the universe and the cosmos are not just silent spectators or witnessing and nothing will happen; everything, absolutely everything is liable for accountability and facing consequences; so good begets good, but bad begets bad and far much more worse set of consequences incessantly for those deviating from and hurting or distorting the ethical pathways of life’s goodwill, harmony, peace and universal welfare. Actually they cannot distort or hurt or shift, they may temporarily experience some satisfaction, but ultimately it is the universe that will always win and triumph and one another’s moral conscience will thankfully look upto and thank God for time and again providing salvation to humankind and all of God’s creation through the process of self realization, let us all endeavor to experience the divinity within our higher selves as well as in all of God’s creations by first of all actually recognizing and honoring, respecting and saluting the divine essence of God that remains ensconced within our and every one of God’s creations true nature, true selves and higher consciousness infinitely.


If realization ever tells you that you remain stuck, reality commands you to take charge and use the very same realization to liberate and become unstuck instead of remaining ever caught in the myriad fields of illusive delusions.


What actually happened is not attributed or contributed by either reality or realization to get stuck, but rather the fear, the fear by itself may have intervened and paralyzed one’s thinking and performance so rigidly that one’s reality and realization faculties may have been appearing to remain submerged? Its as if, we deliberately stifled and restricted ourselves? But it was the fear in one guise or another that may have surreptitiously crept in and entangled us, so when being realistically aware and self realizing, do not let fear dominate and perform actions or interactions out of fear based consciousness for from that field it might be inducing to substitute the fields of reality and realization and neither nature, nor the universe and nor the environment ever accepts any pretentious or speculative game playing or mocking around, life demands reality and realization, inspiring us time and again to living in alignment with our divine grace, with our divine foresight, with our divine truth, with our divine vision, with our divine will and with our divine wisdom consistently.

uqwkucn Reality and realization remain interconnected, interdependent and inextricably interlinked to such a great extent that one cannot live without the other being prevalent. Then there comes the responsibility of making the choices, taking the decisions and being accountable as well as responsible for the consequences; all along ensuring to live our respective dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our corespective karma (deeds). If we consider life proposing its reality, then it is simultaneously evoking our conscious awareness to realize our propulsion and mind you this not about the actual and the virtual, it is about the now, the present moment in our lives where we are face to phased with the ever present moment in our lives and knowing that change being constant, its as if we are space bound and yet bond spaciously; what separates us is space and yet what brings us back to interconnect with one another is the very same space at either this moment in time or far beyond time, but meet we will, we shall as we conscientiously live with our reality and realization of life’s gracious wisdom in an ever renewed sense of self awareness of the infinite eternity joyously, yet fulfillingly; objectively oriented and ever focused upon sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe conscientiously and as it is resonated in Hindi language; Sabka Mangal Ho (May one and all be ever blessed graciously), God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Mother Teresa, The Divine Light and Grace of God

imaMother Teresa was, is and will always remain enshrined in our minds and hearts as the apostle of divinity.

She has brought forth the vision that encompasses the purity of hope, the true essence of love and the fulfillment of joyfulness to millions of lives abundantly and the World is proud to respectfully acclaim and sacredly proclaim that this will continue to shine forth forever and ever gloriously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Heaven, Having the Respect, Respect the Having


118507-Faith+quotes+soul+quotes+heave    It is to be carefully understood, recognized and realized that heaven cannot be equated as something that could be had or experienced randomly.


It is a state of being that is infinitely attained and then eternally sustained through an conscientious, diligent, disciplined, equanimous, meritorious, respectful, truthful and virtuous allegiance and unstinting conformance towards our respective dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our corespective karma (deeds) with a sense of self awareness consistently.


Heaven, the journey? Heaven, the joy in thee. The pure joy that does not attribute its evolution to any physical achievements, psychological expeditions, social engagements or spiritual explorations; but rather the serene and tranquil state of being at peace with one’s own self from the core essence of our being; the state when we expand and raise our higher consciousness to the level of the divine light that remains ensconced with the sacred realms of our true nature, our true self and our divine essence amazingly.hqdefault

Heaven is not a sensation, but it is the sense; the essence in shine. The inner effulgent radiance of our conscientious being that has, is and will continue to enshrine our sacredness graciously. This is why when we are ambitious, aspirant and truly devoted towards attaining certain goals in our lives, how the knowledge, the roots of the routes evolve as well as the graceful wisdom magnificently aligns with all that we keep striving towards sincerely is something fabulously beyond compare.


It is the set of the most humblest and simplest of choices and decisions that bring forth some of the most scintillating moments of our lives that remain forever the lifetime of our moments and the moments of our lifetime; almost as if we are establishing a monument; a reverential platform and allocating that space to the divine that we cannot see with our human vision but can experience with our divine insight and respectfully expressing our gratitude, elucidating and extolling the greatness, the gracefulness and the glory of God’s wisdom in guiding us to practice righteousness in all that we think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi