Left us


We experience with what we are left and then wonder. However, do we also realize how we leave others likewise with experiences and wonderment?

All left us in time? Neither time nor others ever left us, we chose or choose to either hold on or gracefully realize and release; for some cherished moments remain forever conscientiously with us and ours.

It is establishing a careful and respectful balance between all that was, is and will ever be; for we are conscientiously reminded that all that we ever have is the now, the present moment in our lives that actually connects everything and everythink else infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

One Our


The hour that changes our life. The life that changes is ours and not hours. Although, one hour can almost change everything forever; One our can think through and through as well as true and through most of the anticipated, envisaged, expected, foreseen and visualized changes that might lay ahead of us.



There is one disclaimer that for sure, we would not be able to pre determine almost everything after all, but then when comparing the attitude of being hour focused versus our focus, the our focus would be more sharper, since in that space of our focus, it would be directing all our focus completely upon what we seek with our pure intent, with our sense of self awareness and living very much in the now, the present moment of our lives, instead of being caught between one hour here and then extending and trying to reach across to the multitude of the one hour’s there, elsewhere and everywhere?


Critical thinking can vastly help improve our lives remarkably since it is enabling us to change our habits of thinking and reacting+responding more efficiently and informatively.


By observing this creative approach, we are also regulating the flow of our thoughts, that instead of just over thinking or ever thinking; we are more rationally, we are more consciously; we are more reasonably; we are more diligently; we are more prudently; we are more logically; we are more maturely and wisely focusing our precious energies, attentiveness and creative brilliant magnificence upon constructive ways of living each and every moment of our lives.



So as time goes by, we are no longer living that life that we once knew, where we are each time looking at the hour and then back yet again quickly sneaking a peek, a rapid view again at the clock, at the time and fervently waiting for the hour, by hour, by hour….; if we count this way, a complete lifetime of ours was devoted to hours and not being ours as it is meant to be.


There is no magic or miracle going to happen that by disciplining our mind, our thinking process and our habitual behavior, our attitude and observance of righteousness, etc. It will take much more than that alone for our lives are real and we truly take what is required to be honestly implemented, then we will be living our lives as one our at at time and in that each one our, we are would jubilantly celebrating for encapsulated in that one our would be the potential empowering focal strength of determination, vision, knowledge and wisdom that always remained dormant within the realm of our higher consciousness.


So although it may take quite a lot of hardship, disciplining, devotion and tremendous efforts and committed initiatives, for sure we will be glad right across our lives to have adopted towards consciously engaging with one our far much more than the fleeting one hour to another one hour and so on and so forth, take care and all the best, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi