Mexico, Siempre Unidos, Siempre Aztecas, Always United, Always Aztecas


Congratulations Mexico on your Día de la Bandera; Flag Day, God bless.

When we reflect upon the greatness of Mexico, we are inspired by its motto;  Libertad, Trabajo, Cultura Freedom, Work, Culture.

Indeed with the virtue of freedom, we expand our higher consciousness to the level of the divine light that remains ensconced within our true nature to intuitively engage in the introspective conversation with our divine essence. With work we meritoriously strive to remarkably compliment the dignity of our personal as well as professional lives brilliantly and with culture we embrace the characteristical heritage and heartbeat of the tremendous wealth of our civilization that is encompassed with rich values, divine principles and graceful wisdom as it flourishes through the consonance of our oneness joyously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Estonia, Positively Transforming

743931Congratulations Estonia on your 97th National Day, God bless.

When we reflect upon the greatness of Estonia, we are inspired by its slogan; Positively Transforming; Indeed he very core essence of life is the amazing evolution of positive transformations.

Positiveness reflects the dignity of our character, the virtue of our moral courage and the sanctity of our divine values infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

i, What We Take



i humbly seeks to refer to the collective consciousness of evolution.


We are all living in a World that is living within us. As we breathe, we connect with the Universe that breathes through us as well.This is the divine principle of infinity that is attributing to the amazing rhythmic flow and passage of energy.


When we reflect upon the definition of the Universe, there comes forth its precise corollary which is Universus. This signifies the essence of creation is resourcefully emerging from within itself.


We need to be inspired by the Universe in its graceful evolution by being infinite. It is the within of our higher selves that we will be able to realize the divine potential of our indomitable will power and magnificent wisdom of being one with the oneness of all that was, is and will ever be.


The Universe as well as the Universus remains incomplete without the “i”. This is not just a symbolic representation by removing the alphabet ‘i” from within the Universe and Universus such as Un_verse and Un_versus.


Rather it is far more remarkably empowering for the “i” with the elements of consciousness are designated with the initialization of creation and then the Un meaning not and Verse means to specify and versus which means the converse; the opposition of itself here actually seeks to align within itself.


Putting the above together, we have the following. Not+To Specify+Against leading to Alignment. This means that the symposium of almost everything is nothing and then the convergence of nothing actually connects everything else to create the Universe that we all experience.

Infinite Wayne Dyer

It is something to be considered with dignity and utmost respect for we are a part and path of creation that is flowing through us and thereby we are participating in the evolution of the Universe in its own unique ways.


Which also means that wherever we are, whatever we do, whatever we imagine, think and perform; we are somehow or the other affecting a part and path of creation by that very set of motion for energy is in motion with our emotions.


To ascertain and nobly verify this, we may have experienced how we felt and those pure set of feelings and intents reached right across the Universe almost instantaneously and if we notice some people seeking healing, how they experience a miraculous feeling and recuperate amazingly almost as if the divine benediction has been conferred upon them graciously; and well that divine element and particle of grace emanates from the gracious wisdom of the human heart where we feel for one another of creation as one in the oneness of the Universal constitution.


Some of us speak of infinity to eternity and knowing that eternity is the cosmic stillness of one moment forever and infinity being the sequence of the very identical one moment flowing in consonance with its oneness of evolution leaves us with profound admiration and the highest sense of appreciation for the creation of the Universe within itself.     6

What we take, we take from here and have to consequently return back to the Universe upon the completion of our earthly sojourn.


So regardless of any form of creation is inextricably connected in the greatness of the Universal evolution through the auspices of the elements of collective consciousness that seeks to remind us that we did not create the Universe; we are the co creators along with Nature and the Environment in shaping the Universe.

Stress T.-Harv-Eker-What-you-focus-on-expands.-Focus-on-the-positive


maat mons  we-and-universe-quote-by-michael-laitman-2


However in the process the remarkable transformation of the evolution that is occurring around us is influencing the Universe within us and vice versa whereby what is occurring within the Universe that is within us; within our higher selves and higher consciousness; our true nature, our true self and our divine essence is actually unifying us one in the oneness of creation’s infinite evolution eternally, where the moment that was as well as the moment that is and that the moment that will ever be derives its cosmological empowerment and sustenance from the now, the current, the present moment of our lives infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Having Us


Are we just having our thoughts?


Are our thoughts having us?


We have become so familiar to the thinking process that it has becomes almost reflexive to keep engaging in almost the same or similar routine day in, day out.

Across our lifetime, if we seek to introspectively glimpse upon our journey and actually reflect upon the eureka moments; they may have been perhaps very few.

It is almost a typical routine that is unfolding and gradually evolving which could be further enhanced by tapping into our creative potential, our imagination and our intelligence quotient.

Do we remember and are in sync with our childhood ambitions and aspirations; do we cherish the promise we made to our Parents and ourselves as well?

Where has the passion gone? For those who have not been able to keep pace with the swiftly evolving cascade of prolific changes and remarkable transformations in one’s lives; there is no need to experience regret or despair for our memories are the treasured nourishing catalyst that can seek to instill dynamic changes in our lives.

Have we made a specific note in our vision books regarding what we intend to achieve in our lives/? Or do we just go by letting it go almost as if on an auto pilot mode?

This is neither a quiz or an aimless exploration upon some corridors of our thoughts or any attempt to reach across the passage of time and kindle the spark of the genius within us.

All that is being humbly focused upon is the vital ingredient and process of what’s driving and consistently feeding our thought patterns?

Since if we were having the same habits long ago and then continue to idly just let time go by, we are in some ways ourselves allowing life to set in but not life’s truth instead, but why?

Speaking about our life’s truth, for sure, it is far more disciplined, devoted and focused upon ensuring that we are fulfilling our goals and living a purposeful life that is truly ever promising and with enormous potential.


Its as if we are holding the key and then we are wondering what the password was? The worth passes away with letting things as they are after a certain span of time since everything in our lives is related to the time quotient.

Unless we realize and effectively, prudently, tenaciously and wisely take charge, by the time we actually realize; a lot more time would have already elapsed.

We may notice our agility, our habits and behavior changing that as we age, we are not as robust and flexible enough as we were once upon a time in our adolescence of life.

Well it is quite understandable that as we age and the maturity sets in, we realize and perceive various aspects of our lives with a sense of profound appreciation, gratitude and thoughtfulness.

Now far beyond the adolescence of our life, the childhood memories linger; we faintly remember and cherish those treasured memories and through the process of our thoughts have the opportunity to stimulate and re-infuse the thinking process even if by the barest minimal regarding the element of the pure joyfulness that was there then and continues to remain now, but due to the layers of our egoistical tendencies may have submerged deep within the reservoirs of our characteristical attitudes and incidental patterns.

The paths from then to now hold one fine aspect for each and everyone of us which is the creative desire and potential to emerge as a champion, Then, we spontaneously ventured towards each and every moment of our lives with a sense of remarkable enthusiasm and fabulous interest.

So well, where these few words were intending to reach is this juncture where once we experience the cross roads of our life’s landscapes; the thought processes although approaching to what we seek maybe adopting a different strategy, but with a renewed sense of confidence, conscientiousness and determination.

The having us is not just about the thoughts having us or we having the thoughts but it is also about that creative wonderful potential within us which remains latent; ever desirous that we realize and consciously awaken from the monotonous pattern of just letting our lives unfold without actually embracing the discipline of celebrating our lives joyous expeditions with a sense of renewed diligence, determination, optimism, objectivity, passion, purposefulness, prudence, responsibility, sincerity and our brilliant creative wisdom.


Its a matter of almost as if we have within us the amazing potential to be taught with our very own thoughts, but by being more observant and engaged as well as honing and sharpening our creative potential at each and every step of the process.

It is not about going somewhere, spending more money and time or enrolling in various courses or just embarking onto more greater social engagements or any such behavior. It is simply and very most humbly about being true to ourselves, for within us within the realms of our higher self; our higher consciousness is the seat of our creative intelligence; our hearts graceful wisdom where with the help of our true nature, our true self and our divine essence, there is a lot in our lives that we can still achieve, realize and keep accomplishing.

But we need a genuine and pure intent; we need discipline and devotion for each and everyone of us know ourselves through our thoughts, however beyond the mind with its subtle thoughts, there is the dimension of our sixth sense where our creative potential sacredly dwells.quote-Darren-Criss-i-always-make-time-for-the-things-225741

Eavesdropping on the intuitive conversations during our meditative consciousness would help strengthen the pillars of our constructive thinking process and integrate within our lives a promising fulfillment of enriching our creative potential to strive and actually understand and define our thinking and objectives more clearly.


May the divine light within us guide us along the gracious pathways of our lives evolution infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Knowing Our DNA, Our Genetic Profile, Our Attitude, Perception and Pure Intent Focused Upon Improving Our Lives

energy-quote-300x300Like it has been resonated over the centuries that prevention is better than cure; this continually applies and will remarkably apply whether we seek to accept or deny the facts of life’s constitution.


The evolution of life has significantly improved with amazing cures, discoveries, treatments and scientific and technological procedures along with the ever brilliant attitudes of millions of people who strive to confidently,courageously, pro actively, vigilantly and wisely heal, recover and lead more fulfilling lives.


When we know what matters, then what met us was now. When we now meet us, then what matters is the knowing. This actually seeks to refer to the disciplined and diligent practice of attentively, consciously, diligently, perceptively, prudently and wisely living in the now; the present moment of our lives. On one hand it is also respecting our genetic code, our genes, our precious heritage and thankful to our ancestors and God for being here, for being knowledgeable and well equipped and educated; of being able to meaningfully and purposefully lead our respective lives healthily with the wellness of feeling good and experiencing the greatness of being ever fortunate and graciously talented and ever gratuitous in contributing towards attendance of our respective dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds) conscientiously with a perspective of self awareness consistently.

Compassion is not a relationship between the healer

Since if we were to keep reminiscing and retrospectively reflecting only upon any set of negative tendencies, suppressed emotions or gossiping about the ill will of others and being angry, expressing bitterness, experiencing jealousy and hatred along with rage; what would be thus ensuing would be that we; we meaning those individuals engaging in any form/sort or type of negligent actions would eventually be liable and for surely accountable for the wrong doing; since even by the very precipitation of thinking bad regarding anyone could actually hurt our cells and neurons far much more since those negative vibrations and impulses would be transcending right across our complete being.

lao tzu

Now this is not to focus upon any negativity, but rather an precautionary outlook upon the distancing ourselves from any such malicious tendencies for like begets like; and what goes around, comes around too; as we sow, so shall we reap.

The aspect of what met us then meets us now also; then it was those moments that met us but if we haughtily deviated from life’s respectful regimen and ventured towards excessive and indiscriminate indulgence in consuming what is harmful for us, then it would be as follows. What met us then metes (metes as we all know refers to dispensing of justice) us now; or even as the following; What met us then meters (in these contexts, the measurement and recording; of keeping count; of accountability) us now.


I am not a Doctor and neither am I qualified to make any statements about the certainty; about the beneficial advantages or any such matter including any speculative comments whatsoever; whether for or against if any? Absolutely no recommendations or suggestions are being expressed, suggested or provided other than the pure intent of expressing my thoughts in good faith and pure intent; the choices, decisions and interpretations of those whether seeking to believe or not; realize or not; basically whatever is actioned  or sanctioned is completely at each individual’s complete discretion; sole risk and responsibility regarding consequences/results if any whatsoever time and again are the concerned individuals complete and total responsibility; since these above details are being expressed from a preventive standpoint of view; more from an awareness perspective since sometimes with the various commitments and responsibilities entrusted upon our respective shoulders, we might be so very engrossed in leading and trying to catch up with our daily living, that we may not realize how swiftly the years have passed by and rapidly elapsed?




Dale Carnegie






So every genuine and qualified care and effort, initiative that is taken well in time should hopefully be helpful since all of us wish well for one another without seeking anything in return for what is more than life? Why this is being written also is because when we see some of our own near and dear one’s suffering from certain health predicaments and diseases, we cannot help but wonder and reflect upon the preventive factor, that how we wish we had known; how we wish we had taken preventive care and paid more greater attention to the importance and sustenance of good health and wellness, well ahead of our time, but then why should others re create the wheel or made to go through similar scenarios, since if others know and live with a diligent sense of self awareness, they could hopefully lead more fulfilling and joyful lives without having to go through enormous treatments and the phenomenal anxieties and complexities that may unknowingly unfold due to one’s oversight or ignorance; keep well, take care and all the best of good health, true wealth of life and joyfulness, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi