United Stats, We are all One Consciousness, Atma, Paramatma


Think as the Universe does; do as the Universe thinks. When we are all, then all we are remains as one within the wholeness experiencing its entirety as oneness’s completeness infinitely.


Be the hour, you become timelessness;Be the time, eternity be calms your timing amazingly.


Indeed, we are all one consciousness that is the embodiment of the divine truth of our divine appointment; of our divine aspiration; of our divine beautifulness; of our divine benevolence; of our divine blessings; of our divine character; of our divine compassion; of our divinity enshrined within the realm of our higher consciousness, true nature, true self and divine essence; of our divine conduct; of our divine equanimity; of our divine foresight; of our divine fulfillment; of our divine grace; of our divine gratitude; of our divine heritage; of our divine ingenuity; of our divine intelligence; of our divine intention; of our divine integrity; of our divine oneness; of our divine potential; of our divine principles; of our divine promise; of our divine righteousness; of our divine sacredness; of our divine sincerity; of our divine trust; of our divine values; of our divine virtues; of our divine vision; of our divine will and of our divine wisdom ingeniously.


It is the oneness that connects us unitedly which further unites us collectively as one part and path of creation gloriously evolving in accordance with its primordial evolution of blossoming the graceful wisdom that encompasses the incredible magnificence of our being conscientiously; for remember we are the jivatma (soul consciousness) seeking its divine union with the paramatma (supreme soul consciousness) graciously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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