The Age of our Cells; Realizing Life’s Outlook; Cancer


Life renews itself and seeks your conscious disciplined participation in its gracious evolution.

Our bodies are made up of millions of cells that amazingly function and keep ever renewing themselves so that we can be able to sustain ourselves amazingly.

While humbly and considerately paying careful attention to the remarkable constitution of our being, it becomes our sacred privilege and cherished duty to attentively, diligently, prudently, tenaciously, truly and wisely take proper care and ensure that we follow a dignified and healthy pattern of living which particularly relates to our habits and thoughts objectively.

We might come across various aspects of our lives where we are being drawn and then stretching ourselves all across? and yet yearning to be so very much with our own selves. Not even having a few precious moments for our own selves at all and always declaring and stating to the Universe that there will come one day, I will take better and responsible care? Why not now? Why wait and keep depleting the reservoir of what is fulfillingly replenishing you and your priceless moments?

Why not be resourceful and wise in earnestly attending to what needs to be authentically, genuinely, legitimately, responsibly and sincerely done please? What you are waiting for is actually waiting for you and then it you keep waiting for, you might only keep adding more and more to the weight along with the anxiety of struggling with the hyper tense and integrally precious moments that could actually contribute towards your life instead of just being a symbolic calm tribute to your living.

Remember that life, the environment, nature and the universe operate and function with precise methodology and organized systematization. So just vacillating or wasting time in endless gossip or chatting just about everything else and overlooking the incredible realities of life would never ever help at all. It may help to pass the time and be appearing to be busy but when things really get busy, then all the time in world also would not be able to help one’s self manage one’s affairs for it is like the pendulum of time, it keeps swaying tick tock; to and fro; but then that very same tick tock could actually tickle and lock; could actually topple and frown; and so much more, all because of negligence or dis regard or sheer carelessness?

But why all of this and so much more of ignorance please? Some people might exclaim umar ho gaya hain, tumor ho gaya hain? The translation of this is as follows: It has become age (age has caught up) and the tumor has developed? Remember very most carefully, it is assumed that most tumors develop from one single cell that further mutates and with the advent of time when one may unknowingly keep going about life without any hint or even the slightest understanding of what is going on within one;s system, the healthy cells might be also having more and more of the unhealthy and malignant cells which may gradually overtake the complete nourishment of the entire system, and then what? Realize that life is not just a poetic or philosophical rendition that uttering fancy statements or words will bring about transformational changes; rather life is a disciplined and respectfully sacred shrine that enshrines the graceful consonance of our divine heritage, divine principles, divine values, divine will and divine wisdom consistently and we need to carefully understand, recognize, realize and experience our true nature, our true self, our higher consciousness and our divine essence for within each and every living being remains enshrined the creative magnificent wisdom of being and one needs to strive and living with a sense of self awareness constantly while ensuring faithful abidance towards the various moral and spiritual disciplines of our lives conscientiously.

Cancer begins with changes in one single cell or a group of cells and one cannot tend to try to demystify or just remain inquisitive once in a while and at other times randomly keep interspersing life’s habits and regimen with reckless or indiscriminate indulgence. Remember time and again that life seeks moderation and conscious awareness along with diligence and prudence; it is better to know now rather than to be known later on for later on will become later own; this is not a twisting of words, but it is the harsh reality since once any particular process stats within ourselves, we may not realize this perhaps until it is too later on where the disease or malignancy has mysteriously augmented?

Mysterious to us because we are not cognizant and aware at all thinking that it is a slight pain, a slight discomfort, a slight pretext? a slight unusual symptom? No, it is sometimes the lightest and slightest of things that can actually put us within the very most tightest of thinks and things in our life and lifetime after all.

Once we are caught within the paradox and endless predicaments of trying to resolve some health crisis, then it is like a desperate yet hopeful battle; we keep doing our very best to survive in each and every moment, supplicating for the divine grace and healing to prevail as well while ensuring professionally qualified medical care is duly prevalent to help guide and safeguard as well as strengthen the amazing immune deficiency system as well as the healthy constitution of our being, which is why time and again, when we are, wherever we are, however we are; what we think we are and believe we are and feel we are keeps playing its role, not matter how small or how large, it influences and either strengthens or strainthens.

This is not something just like that to just regard casually or say we will see later, let what is happening, keep happening, that no my taste, my pleasure, my comfort and my choice of having more and more and more and more and more and more……..? is my birthright? How come? How could an indiscriminate consumption of certain habitualities ever help in ones life please? Since when knowing what is good, what is correct, what is safe, what is appropriate and what is precise, why try to recreate the wheel and go against ones nature please?

The choice is yours for it is not just about the celldom or a matter of seldom, whatever happens will keep happening and then we are either attributing, contributing, retributing or rather calmly distributing a healthy, harmonious, joyful and peaceful way of living for while life is worth it and so are you, take care, be well and God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi