God, Millions of Questions

morality God Questions? Got Quest in! Question to God? Quest in Truth Got!

We may have so many questions for God. The answers have sow many quest in’s for our godliness. Remember that we are all God’s children and this includes all living beings and godliness humbly seeks to refer to the divine essence of our being; the graceful creative magnificence of our collective higher consciousness amazingly.

albert-einstein-religion-quotes-morality-is-of-the-highest-importance-but-for-us-notThe answer, the answers, the solutions and well as the resolutions; are all embodied, encapsulated, ensconced and enshrined within the sacred realms of our true self, of our true nature and of our divine essence.

Answer – Our truth got us where we want true be. This is not about any convenient or inconvenient truth; this is neither about our devotion or faith; this is yet not about any race or religion; cast or creed; inferiority or superiority; and for sure not about poorer or wealthier.

It is about the pristine truth, the true divine essence of who we are; of what we truly are; never about your belief or my belief; never for sure about your God or my God for God is one; we perceive God and ultimately realize God as One in all and all in One; the supreme Oneness who seeks that we realize our incarnate Oneness and align with our higher selves; so that we expand and raise our higher consciousness to the platform and level of the divine light in living a purposeful life with due diligence, prudence, righteousness, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and our brilliant creative magnificent wisdom consistently with meticulous consistency and our fabulous conscientiousness with a perspective of our self awareness acknowledgeably.

Strength_vs_empathy.0012It is all integrally associated, connected and instrumentally pivotal in our lives where the essence of the truth is concerned; for it knows us more than we could ever know it; even by living with and within the now of our lives, there maybe some remnant true facts from the distant past, archived far beyond our fathomable consciousness; entrenched deep within the reservoirs of our sanctified and sacredness of being that is/are always guided and remarkably sustained by our divine courage, by our divine compassion, by our divine character, by our divine conscientiousness, by our divine foresight, by our divine grace, by our divine purpose, by our divine principles, by our divine values, by our divine vision, by our divine will and by our divine wisdom consonantly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi