Germanwings Flight 9525, Words of Light



We pray for those who are unfortunately no longer with us. May they experience peace, love and light.

To their Families, Relatives, Friends and Acquaintances; Be strong, Have courage, this loss is far beyond any words or description or any form of consolation. It has left all of us completely speechless and extremely shocked.

All we have at this precarious moment is the power of our light; to gently reach across the realms of space and time to humbly comfort those who have been snatched away from our midst. Let us pray for them please, Peace, Love and Light, God bless.

Lee Kuan Yew, God bless

Thank you God bless Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew; LKY, Respectfully; His Excellency, Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s Message through his life inspires each and every one of us to know our lives as our life knows us.

This knowing, this precious awareness will further strengthen the graceful courage of our diligent prudence and righteous wisdom to empower the ambitious pathways of our lives deservingly, meritoriously and objectively with a focus upon the divine light that is within as well as all around us.

He shone forth a way to us, Let us carry the legacy of the trust that he has placed upon our shoulders by being true to our nature as well as nature to our truth in ensuring that we live our light; that we live our divine purpose, that we live our divine values; that we live our divine vision; that we live our divine will and that we will live our divine wisdom conscientiously.

Lee Kuan Yew; LKY, Respectfully; Life Knows You, Know Your Life, Live Your Now. Life’s Ambition; Aim, Be, Shine Life, Thank you, You were with us, You are with us and You will always remain with us as the gracefulness of the radiant light that always shines the way and the pathways with the empowering vision of LKY, Respectfully;Learning, Knowing, Yourself;  God bless.