Soul to Solar, Pulse to Impulse

quote-now-believe-me-god-hides-some-ideal-in-every-human-soul-at-someThe pulse of our soul seeks its impulse. The impulse of the solar system speaks our pro-pulse (is reverberating our propulsion).

Human beings are radiating electro-magnetic frequencies intensively while needing to realize that this process is within as well as all around us despite the lack of actual visibility; for the wavelengths of the frequencies emitted are considerably differing as we express and experience our emotionalities; as well as when we passionately express ourselves or channelize our focus upon any given object/objective.

There is far lot more true to this that transcends definition and explanation for each of us experience certain aspects of our lives that are amazingly unique, but well beyond experiencing, how resourcefully have we responsibly acted upon and transformed our living as well as contributed towards creation of a better world for all of us please?

Its not the philosophical, religious, scientific or technological advancement alone for we all share a bond and affinity that we have not yet understood and by the time we understand, we have under+stood yet not?

That’s because we want tangible evidence, we want the cosmic powers to represent their credentials and testimonials; bring forth the solid proof that we are beings of light, filled with pure divine energy; having come together on this planet earth to experience our ascendent evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom that pertains to the quest of selflessly sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe infinitely.

Whether the soul or the solar; whether the pulse or the impulse, we are all interconnected and transmitting a biological, an cosmological, an ecological as well as an holistical process of being that which we seek as well as seeking that which we be.

Let us endeavor to expand and raise our higher consciousness to the level of the divine light within as well as all around us in experiencing our greatness of being conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi