Cosmic Divine Being; God, The Collective Integrated Consciousness

energyHard for you to see what I am realizing? Hard for me to see what you are realizing? Hard for us to see what the world is realizing?

Let us seek to establish a sacred path of sharing our cosmic vision of realizing true us. This way, when we each look within our trueselves, we will not have to expand, extend, reach across or stretch beyond.

Rather, we could gently cast a glance across and experience the cosmic essence of our being and keep experiencing our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom infinitely.The integrity of the Universe attributes its essence to God’s consciousness. Every element of creation is integrally interconnected through an infinite set of commands, concepts, divisibilities, equations, formulas, methodologies, quotients, rationalities and sensibilities governed by their respective conceptualizations, facts and originalities; based upon divine principles, divine values, divine will and divine wisdom predominantly.

force The integrity and pureness of God’s image enshrined within the sacred realms of our true selves eludes us due to the cloak of our egoistical dualities that we have and keep fascinating ourselves with. Once we come across some information, we think that voila, this is it; we have reached the pinnacle of our being and we are more knowledgeable and wiser than our fellow beings? and loftily proclaim to haughtily call upon all forms and forces of nature, the environment and the cosmos to subject themselves to our calling?

0b6ef8a544892c4db57de657cd9112a5   All that the creation of the Universe seeks is the humble call and it will respond but provided that we have each lived our dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds) with a conscientious perspective of humility and self awareness. We are forever connected with God as much as God is connected with us, some of us realize this through our cosmic vision and experience the gloriousness of being the children of God and each nobly playing our respective roles with commitment, courage, devotion, discipline and good conduct of righteousness along with our graceful wisdom.


God does not want us to do extraordinary things or sensationalize; and neither does God want us to do anythings out of the world; out of the world does not pertain to astronomic, space or solar expeditions and space travel and related explorations; all of those are beyond our earthly realms but they are legitimately seeking to explore and aspire to fulfill our divine potential as well as expand the scopes of our scientific and technological proficiency and understandings in their noble aims and objectives; so by all means the space and other related expeditions are not being referenced at all when utilizing the terminological phrase; out of the world, this means, not to do anything that is contravening cosmic, national, international, universal and worldly jurisdictional laws, rules and regulations explicitly.

What God however wants us to do time and again is to practice integrity; to be true to ourselves and others since it is this universal integrity and this universal truth that actually bonds, connects and sustains all of us far beyond our our being. In this lifetime, if we want to hear God speak, we may keep waiting endlessly and if we want to have an audience with God or imply that God’s credentials and testimonials be presented to us for our ascertainment and verification; then yet again, we are only distancing us from our very own-selves for the root of the truth is not in doubt but in the empowering belief and trust of the coherence of being who we truly are.

integiryThis is not about standing on roof tops and shouting or proclaiming the greatness of God or to write a long article glorifying God and his greatness but rather a humble initiative seeking to focus upon the integral factor that connects all of us as one in the oneness of being.

cb7801a37037e0f45b6f8fb1e4e9dcbd This is the integrated consciousness, we may experience so much in our lives through so many ways and also remarkably heal, grow in grace and wisdom as well as experience phenomenal transitions and transformations of being and be able to realize the process while it is actually unfolding within as well as all around us; well, that is the integrity of evolution, it creates and keeps wonderfully emerging from its submerged realm that is located within the soul consciousness of each and every form of God’s creations.

realIt is first the integrated merger and then the brief moment in the span of time where in a few moments, we experience the greatness of a lifetime and then yet right all across our lifetime, we keep carrying those few precious moments of our integrated connectivity with the divine grace with a sense of amazement and immense gratitude. We then know that our role had been defined and we start playing the character flawlessly by being consciously aware, diligent, prudent, righteous, tenacious, truthful and wise in all that we think, do and implement consistently with meticulous consistency.

Some of us discover and realize our hidden talents, almost as if out of nowhere at all, we are gifted with exceptional capabilities at connecting with what we do remarkably well and are considered as pioneers in the exponential endeavors and it is across each and every noteworthy achievement that we experience bliss in our soul consciousness which is the divine light, radiance and integrated consciousness of God’s grace that is reaching across and shining through and true us as we endeavor to live our light in fulfilling our primordial objectives that are integrally associated with and belong to the sustainable visions pertaining to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life it, Life’s it

visionThe world is not so much about us. The word is sow+score match, our brought thus.

Life it, Life’s it humbly seeks to refer to introspectively reflecting upon the amazing greatness of our lives and effectively harnessing, leveraging and resourcefully utilizing what we have been endowed with to the best, fairest, just and utmost potentiality. Its not about squeezing or quizzing through, rather it is about realizing through, realizing the true essence of our lives in each and every precious moment of this absolutely wonderful and gracious life of ours which is one of the greatest blessings when we contribute towards the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely.

Remember carefully that everything in our lives functions and operates based upon a methodical, principled and a precisioned approach and process that has its epicenter+guidant axis grounded upon a particular frequency.

Hence, time and again; awareness, commitment, devotion, discipline, due diligence, focus and sincerity are extremely important each in their own strategic capacities and remarkable ways.

When we realize and play the match of life more joyfully, with a greater sense of engagement and enthusiasm, then we are elated as we are competing and not caught only with scoring goals alone.

Goal scoring is an priority but what we become in the process of the goal scoring, the manner and method in which we groom ourselves; the way we shape our attitudes transforms us completely.

At some point in time, then we look back upon the journey of our lives thus far and experience a feeling of greatness and are extremely thankful at being an instrumental part and path of the worlds greatness that remains ensconced within as well as all around us, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi