Large Hadron Collider, Introspecting Evolution, Recreating Universal Forces, Shiva Shakti Bhava

rig-veda-hymn-of-creationExpressing good wishes to the scientists and related personnel associated with the Large Hadron Collider project.

In my opinion, evolution accelerates in accordance with the well precisioned alignment of the sum total of the constituent elements of the Universe.

Every aspect of the Universe will predominantly continue to have its opposing dualities which must be respectfully observed.

The dualities pivotally are also those that pervade within as well as all around us; hence the cosmic intelligence of evolution is able to remarkably connect with our intentionality far more quicker than we may have ever actually realized.

We might be witnessing the scope of expanded explorations from divergent probabilities and perspectives, however unless a harmoniously balanced equilibrium is well established firstly within us, then whatever we do beyond us would apparently be a reflection of our cherished aspirations and in order to understand creation; and in order to understand the cosmos, and in order to understand energy and evolution, as well as and in order to understand the Universe along with its sacred primordial objectives, we will need to truly be that which we seek.

Its not just emulating but the very essence of being that which we envision and ensure that it is in the best, good, fair and long term sustainable mutual interests of the complete Universe will then define the very consonance of the creative evolution we endeavor to engage with even on an exponential basis of recreation infinitely.

Do+true remember that it is not the objectives of progressing ahead that solely matters for when we expand our consciousness, we can be able to decipher and re arrange our lives to advance in unison with the Universal scope of evolution and achieve far more commendable results rather than when just seeking to experiment, identify and ascertain the possibilities of recreating a parallel Universe.

We may consider ourselves as brilliantly creative and remarkably intelligent, however as the hallmarks of time have proven that there does exist a witness of the conscience of the cosmos that astoundingly observes and regulates at far more advanced frequencies than what we may ever be able to create, recreate, emulate or simulate.

Whatever we do that’s aimed and focused upon the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe as a whole will be met by and experience phenomenal strides and discoveries for like begets likes; that was, is and remains the principal factor of the Universe’s process of creative evolution conscientiously; good luck all the best, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi