Neurogenesis, Growing New Brain Cells, Experiencing Life’s Innovation and Inner Vision







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The stimulation and nourishment of new brain cells could vastly help with adaptation to newer environments and situations far more remarkably apart from of course healing and providing us with the competence, courage, grace, insights, visions and wisdom to discerningly make and inculcate certain choices, regimens and disciplines right across the standards and processes of our living conscientiously.




It is not some magic formulas or just some medication or even miracles; the cells of our brain structure function, operate and respond as well as regenerate in a certain natural, nurtural (not something outgrown or fabricated beyond; but from within one’s own self since the cells are within our being, what healthy and disciplined habits, nutrition; relevant exercise and a healthy lifestyle and other diligent disciplined practices), methodical and systematic manner that cannot be just harvested or cloned to replicate or imbue what might be just flashing across any advertisements or fancy looking statements.

Brain cells are shown glowing with multicolor fluorescent proteins. Photo: AP

when-time-and-space-and-change-_abdullah-ibrahim-quoteOne must be carefully aware and completely responsible regarding what one is first of all actually doing and then after truly understanding the core essence of what one is engaging with to ensure an integral, honest, frank and committed approach is duly implemented that also ensures observance of our divine values, our divine vision, our divine will and our divine wisdom is forever included in its respectful cognizant capacity; while of course realizing that this is nothing about any rituals, ceremonies or any out of the way and unconventional practices whatsoever.



The great potential of our lives expands in accordance with the genuineness of our attentive,diligent,disciplined, introspective, observant, prudent, righteous, sincere and true capabilities and initiatives that are focused upon strengthening the core essence of our intellectual faculties from within our being amazingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Being Life, Like Being

dab5159245430e5dc8f53c4b36c4b595In being life, we connect with everything else. However in liking our being, everything and every think else actually connects with us as well.

Our connecting is the part while life’s connections establishes the “path” which is extremely important for our life’s brilliant creative intelligently and magnificently sustainable development.

Remember that our lives function and operate on a two way+true way process;what we serve, life reserves. Then what we deserve, life serves back to us; its living our dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our respective karma (deeds).

So next time, don’t just think that being life is something just like that; it is the precious sacredness of the trust of our being that we are given life, that we are conferred with our amazing state of being and creating.

Yet further, in fact far much more further alltogether, when being life, IF we ever tend to neglect and don’t like our being, then whatever maybe created also for us, will tend to decay and decompose for the cells of our consciousness would not be able to align with the integral frequencies of the Universe that is always seeking the goodwill, harmony and welfare of our cosmos.

Remember like being is not just about anything else or some catchy, hep, trendy or the in thing; it is truly about like being as your being likes you. Your essence of being creates each and every moment of our lives as you like it, even if that liking maybe converse to your advantage or disadvantage, for in like being, you are actually commanding your being to listen, to embrace the particular state of mind and being alltogether.

So then when your mind and being obediently obeys and follows and observes what all is required and rearranges the complete kaleidoscope of your lives, do not be fickle minded and irresponsible in playing games with major aspects of your lives, for in like being is a commitment, it is a sacred responsibility that embodies and encapsulates the cherished privilege of being true to your word and worth-fulness of being; when you mean it, it is not for the fancy words or statements or declarations or new year resolutions or declaring upon divergent social communication channels that you like you being and you are being extremely successful. Like being is truly about and as sincerely and truly as your being like you, its about you and your life and its about you and your being, you truly deserve a wonderful life and so does your being, but in order to create and sustain a wonderful life, you need to observe and respect the ethics and discipline of your lives, for it is from there that you create and it is right from there that you are further created, nourish and flourish the very essence of your being liked fulfillingly.

Everyone lives, some live being life itself and then there are those very few that like being and it is these very few who like being that make us all proud of life. So why don’t we learn something precious from their disciplined way of living by actually liking our lives, for we all truly deserve it and so does our lives; like being, you are being liked by the essence of the forces of creation and evolution infinitely, God bless

©2015 Vashi Chandi