Predicting? Pre dictating Life’s Moments, NOW; This Onwards? Here On Words, On Worthiness!

doing Zindagi ke mod pein, is shan mein.

The translation of the above states the following.

Whatsoever,, Wherever, Whenever, Whomsoever, Why-soever and Howsoever; right across life, remain right (righteous) with this moment of your life.

It essentially and integrally implies, do not step out of this moment, for when stepping out and beyond this moment, we loose the bonds with the present moment to be faced with the bound-fulness of ever expanding unpredictable boundaries.

Whereas, truly being with this moment; being within this moment; being devoted to this moment; being along with this moment of our lives, we are in harmonious consonance with our lives right throughout.

Life considers us to be a good and disciplined student who obediently sychronizes and keeps pace with the evolving moments of our lives for whenever life calls, we are ever present, aligned in the state of ever one and in the statement of eternal oneness fulfillingly.

Of course there is a disclaimer that at times, there maybe perhaps certain circumstances, events, emergencies, incidents and scenarios and other related eventualities. Well in those specific instances, we realize our life’s calling, commitments and purposefulness and whole heartedly, whole mindedly and whole soulfully attend to those precarious moments, for being with those moments, we are also continuing with the privilege of being with the moment.

We are ever entwined wheresoever we maybe with the moment and then we become so much with the moment that we know, we now what’s next and we shed the cloak of anxiety or delusion or even the fear of I don’t know what’s next? my God, I am wondering? I am concerned? I am worried? I am perplexed? I am in a predicament? and so on and so forth with endless consternation, but why?

Lets define it to better understand it. Who introduced those moments? Me and We; whereas who defined this moment? Life, yes correct, life defined this moment, life defines this moment and life will keep defining this moment consistently but then for us to carefully understand, interpret, experience and realize this moment, we will have to be life so that our life could be now, the now which is the present moment and the moments which is ever present now, God bless.


©2015 Vashi Chandi