Shiva Tattva, Shivohum, Aham Brahmasmi, Tattvamsi, Thou art that; The Integrity of the Cosmos

63dc8977595625986cda9a8e1999adbb In God, we are.We are, in God.We are the divine elements of the cosmos.

Whats around us, surrounds us. The translational definition of tattva refers to the aspects, constitution, elements, particles, principles and values of nature that pervade within the sacredness of our higher selves as well as all around the cosmos that integrally connects us with one another and all of creativity, evolution as well as dissolution that abound; as well as make us consciously aware that we are an amazing part and path of the collective consciousness.

The above statement of around and surround is precisely seeking to emphasize that we are the one’s who are attracting or opposing what is unfolding in our lives. Due to the power of our cosmic intent, we draw and then withdraw, however upon drawing, we being connected by the astral umbilical chord, align and resonate with a certain force of creation and conversely retract and hastily submerge when we seek to withdraw, but whether it is creation or dissolution, every aspect represents an primordial set of consequences and responsibilities.

If forever, we may think, what are these words, these understandings and definitions and why not come to the point? Well, the point is we appoint and then we disappoint as well and with all of this cosmic evolution that is being experienced within us, we need to engage with the universe as its core elements do, which is to function in accordance with the divine purpose, principles, values and wisdom of creation.

For this, we will need to identify, discover, experience and realize our true nature, our true self and our higher consciousness;expanding and raising our consciousness to the level of the divine light. Understand evolution, as its you and then likewise; understand you, its evolution as well.


Call God with profound adoration and reverence; chant the sacred hymns, sutras and verses;truly love your faith and religion; and be grateful that you are conscientiously playing an instrumental role in supporting the visions that sustain the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe consistently.Before anything else, there is one point to note that it is not the designation or stature of the role, but the attitude of gratitude and humility that prevails at each and every instance and moment of our lives respectively for what we have ordained will ordain us as well; its like a boomerang, we are echoing what we are deeply yearning for and then cannot be exclaiming that we are engulfed with divergent myriad sets of complexities or calm place at ease; both are our choices, the calmness; the serenity as well as the complexity and confounded matrix; so choose and opt consciously and wisely at all times with good and pure intentions.

Remember that for God, its not the name, its the aim; indeed the very purpose of our creation is focused upon realizing our divine essence, whereby we ascend and embrace a more better and greater understanding of all that was, is and will ever be is functioning and operating with methodical precision; remember that this is a  disciplined and orderly universe and that our thoughts and feelings are encompassing the energies and frequencies that are influencing nature and nurture our emerging infinity.

Whether it is entropy, evolution or devolution; we should not get intricately entangled into mysterious expeditions and debates focused upon trying to reflect our greater wisdom; rather we should seek to carefully realize and do what is needful in the present moment of our lives, for performance of our respective duties earnestly will help us to experience a far greater life of joyfulness and fulfillment.

The integrity of the cosmos is so profound that no matter how much ever we may try to augment, create, debate or substantiate divergent sets of possibilities and suppositions, what was the truth, remains the truth and will always be the truth.


One moment, we had it. One moment, we are be+having it and then One moment we will have it. This is the trilogy of life, Satyam (The Divine Truth); Shivam (The Pure Divine Essence); Sundaram (The Graceful Wisdom).Timelessness does not mean living a life of a hermit, monk or mystic; and neither is it about detachment or renunciation for it is completely about our moral consciousness where we are here in this moment; that we were there in that moment and that we will be further ahead in that moment as well, all along in the oneness of the timelessness, being equanimous, for the moment that was passed and the moment that will be, will eventually reach its accord and surpass as well, however the moment that is there with us right now needs to pass+to evolve+to graciously flow rather than be put on pause simply because the poignance  of those moments that already passed or the moments about to surpass and unfold predominate the actuality of the present moment which seeks its unabated agenda of fulfilling the cosmos within as well as all around us with the priceless gift of precious moments that are inspiring us to embrace our completeness; to cherish and devotionally abide by our divine grace; our divine vision; our divine will and our divine wisdom conscientiously; Shiva Shakti Bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi