Be Complete

bryant-mcgill-hope-finding-truth-within-1a7rWhile we are busy doing things, life is be seek conversing thinks. Know? Now, where are we? In between, in bit wean or in bit being? We need not scatter our precious energies in stretching ourselves in each and every direction always please.

Focus, pay careful attention and due diligence along with prudence and wisdom and consider urgent matters as urgent matters on a respectful priority basis instead of stating that urgent matters is only urgent met us?

We must classify, be clear and precise; be specific for life understands specificity; life comprehends objectivity; life communicates subjectively and until or unless we are truly clear about what we seek, then we will be going round and around in the circle of circles that keep expanding mysteriously, that is why, be in charge to charge in being; do not let someone else regulate the essence of your being, you are your own master and seek to muster your ownness, realize what belongs to you is far more precious and sacred than all that is far beyond you. Your higher consciousness beckons you to reckon you and not keep engaging in futile pursuits of building the distant blocks and cross word puzzles of issuing statements such as; one day i will…? one day will i…? Dream by all means, when sleeping, but when being awake, pay careful and complete attention and responsibly attend to the art, architecture and landscape of your amazing life please, God bless.

Remember, life is completeness, it endows us with the completeness, the focus and the potentiality of aligning our thinking, our feelings, emotions and our attendance towards various aspects of our lives.

However, if in between, we opt to get distracted by some illusionary objects? or objectives?Then all that remarkable set of virtues that remain enshrined within our true nature and our higher consciousness remain under utilized, earnestly yearning that we awaken and regulate the creative magnificence of our lives.

When are we going to awaken? Awakening, we are gong to when? The choice of completeness is ours, be complete to complete and compliment our beings wonderfulness, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi