Take Care, Be Content

when-you-are-content-to-be-simply-yourself-and-dont-compare-or-complete-everybody-will-respect-you-lao-tzuWe carry so many things. Then those things become the thinks that mainly sow carry us?

Let us learn to be content with what we have whilst striving to fulfill our respective ambitions, aspirations, goals, objectives and sustain our noble visions in a conscientious, devotional, disciplined, purposeful, sincere, tenacious and wise manner.

Seek to carefully reflect upon and realize that some of the things and thinks we carry do not actually help us in any real sense at all. We carry and care for them as if it is a routine? or as if we are competing and trying to keep pace with the status factor and illusive symbol?

Why not seek to care and carry that which will enrich the divine essence of our being and then seek to nourish and nurture those thoughts and infuse our lives with those things which will essentially contribute to our productive resourcefulness remarkably, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi