Shopping for Happiness?

32ee7a84cd4650b07b7d4229f24dae34Some people firmly demand and insist; buy me happiness? Happiness is not a product; read again; buy me happiness? its actually by me happiness as well as happiness by me! Happiness is that which emanates from within us and no matter how much ever we may shop and strive to attain happiness, what we may derive is momentary pleasure, but not the immeasurable happiness of our true self. In fact happiness is that which by itself can with its purity empower and sustain the remarkable pathways of our lives magnificently.

No matter how much ever we may indulge in shopping; no matter how many assets, jewels and other articles we may amass all across our lifetime, there is absolutely nothing comparable to the happiness of our soul; the true authentic happiness and joy that remains ensconced within our higher consciousness, our true nature and our true self is far greater and immensely incomparable for it does not depend or rely upon money or riches; it is fabulously wealthy and is infinitely rich and far more affluent and wiser than we could have ever imagined or realized, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi