Happiness, The Dharma (Duties) and Karma (Deeds) of Life

happiness4Bring Us Happiness, Happiness Brings Us

Happiness creates us. When we are happy, life happens.

Remember the nursery rhyme; when you’re happy and you know clap your hands…..be happy; however, do remember to live; ensure observance of your dharma (duties) along with fulfillment of your karma (deeds) conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Its upto us

if-its-to-beIts Up True Us;  With time; Width time? The Spaciousness
Most of us are living with time. Some of us are leaving width time? As we leave matters pending, the pendulum of time sways commandingly. What needs to be done in time, with time and on time is not the same as tonne width time!

god-will-supply-us-with-the-opportunity-but-its-up-to-us-to-do-something-with-it-quote-1It all adds up; it all weighs up and then it all consequently seeks accountability, so whether we seek to integrally attend to what needs to be done with our complete, our total attentiveness or what is impending will all of a sudden demand all our attention and emerge anxiously?

Why let matters reach the apex of anxiousness and consternation and then compel ourselves to forcibly endure an rapid set of emergent situations?

When knowing that this Universe operates and functions with methodical precision, so just by bidding time, we cannot auction it; why not abide faithfully, honestly, responsibly, sincerely, tenaciously, truthfully and wisely to the abidance for when we play a game, we know the rules; so when we rule the game=meaning, we observe and abide by its rules, then it will likewise fairly reciprocate and provide us with a greater impetus; a renewed sense of inspiration; a coherence of empowering endurance and creative magnificent wisdom all because we endeavored to abide and also the spaciousness of being able to plan and prepare well ahead and thus we are living in alignment with the time rather than expanding and stretching across the width and space of timing.

tumblr_ldjlvanQHN1qzwokwWhen its unto us, then we’re up true it; so this brings us to the essence of our lives that its all up to us; remember that if we deny the reality of our lives, then we are depriving ourselves of experiencing the true essence of our lives realization and that cannot be preferentially avoided for what was, for what is and for what will be; are all seeking our conscious and pure bhav(intent) in our lives evolution conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi