Playing with the Mind? Mind with the Play?

1b75926c8a5028b6482378fd5155c4e0 IF we are constantly playing with our mind by over thinking each and everything; then we are leading to intensifying and overcrowding our mind full of thoughts that might the replication of the very same set of thoughts innumerable sets of times, but why?



Does the constant repetitive reminder exclaim? emphasize and bring forth any swift resolutions? Since when we desperately and fervently cling onto the fabric of our particular set of thoughts, we might be investing most; in fact almost of our energies in trying to find some respite; some peace of mind; some hopeful solutions, but then our attitude is focused solely far much more on the enormous data of thoughts that when even for a few moments that we might shift out attention, we may tend to completely forget some extremely crucial, essential, important and vital details when they need to be remembered and duly acted upon responsibly.


Does the intense state of over anxiety help bring forth any relief? or ease? or succor? or shed some light or glimmer of hope? Nope, it might be rather confusingly adding on and piling on an extremely greater hypertensives and overwhelming stress which otherwise could have actually helped to methodically tackle the respective challenges that are being confronted.


What would happen is that due to the multiplicity of issues, each demanding the alarming attention and resolutions; whatever possible solutions might emerge and appear on the surface might appear as if they are a mirage due to the complexity of visualizing; of interpretation and of realization.949360c3d8d79d8ac249f57184036a9b23ccb4ed067ca887de73d57f874625d5.jpg

Just because the mind, the play are mentioned is not amusing or playful at all; rather it is about carefully considering and conscientiously evaluating the respective options and factors diligently, prudently, responsibly, sincerely, tenaciously and wisely. Remember that what brought us to a particular situation was what we did then, at a certain point in time; and likewise, if we seek to be careless? ignorant? least bothered? or over confident or dis regard the seriousness of our lives, then further ahead, yet another set of complexities will add onto the plethora or impending set of consternating challenges.

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There maybe newer methods, smarter solutions and effective resolutions but until or unless we genuinely take the respective initiatives with our complete being and ensure that whatever we do; whether with+in our thought, feelings, actions and expressions are done with complete+totally conscious awareness and a heightened sense of accountability because ultimately whatever we do+perform ricochets back like a boomerang.

pour-forthSeek to practice mindfulness; be alert and remain vigilant for we have been endowed our mind to cultivate mental discipline first of all; this is thinking about thinking and minding about minding and awareness about awareness as well as thoughts about taughts as well as thoughts; remember that it is about constantly improving ourselves and effectively as well as efficiently managing our lives. This life of ours as well as others lives is extremely precious, do not just talk anyway, just think anyway and do anyway anything at all; there is a proper way and the righteous way that strictly and firmly seeks and appeals for us to ensure that we are absolutely aligned with our true nature, with our true self, with our higher consciousness and living our divine essence and diving light in and across each and every moment of our lives; it is embracing the sacredness of our being and living our dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds) conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi