Each is Us, Sum of All of Us, The Pre=Sent Moment

Quotefancy-3111-3840x2160Learn to Live, Live true Learn

Life teaches us as we each is us. When sum of things is referenced, it seeks to refer to the summoning through thinks/our thoughts that we either deliberately, ignorantly or negligently summon into our lives.To sum it up, its like we call upon what befalls us, however this might be transcending far beyond our scope of immediate awareness.

We read and come across the fabled quotes; life is living in the now; life is living in the moment; life is living in the present; while respectfully reflecting upon the wisdom of these statements, let us seek to read this backwards.

Life is living in the now; Now the living is Life.

Life is living in the moment;Moment is living the Life.

Life is living in the present;Present is living the Life.

Putting the salient and very most instrumental part and paths of the above;Now + Moment + Present = Life or even re arranging this as: Present + Moment + Now = Life; In all of this what we need to focus upon is the following to better grasp and synthesize with each and every moment of our lives. Present is not just Present of the immediate; of the current or the happening right now only; it is encompassing the Pre+Sent.

In and right across each and every moment of our lives, we are presenting; actually we are pre+sending; whether we pre sense and realize or whether we present and wonder, what is pre-sent moves onto becoming the pre+sent that attributes its impetus to the pre=sent.

So whether at some point in time or the sum point of time; its the sum appointment of the i am that is re appearing in front of us and then confronting us with sequences and instances; events and instances like we may never have ever imagined. It is not playing with words or twisting the meaning, rather, it is seeking to reflect upon the core essence of what critical importance the pre=sent actually represents in our lives.

It reminds us of the boomerang that whatever it maybe; whether thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions or engagements; all return back consequentially to retrieve and seek accountability for what was pre=sent because that is the way it is and that is the way we intended for it to be, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Henceforth, realizing the incredible importance of the pre=sent in our lives, we will not just exclaim, oh so what? oh what present or oh what pre=sent? Because eventually it is us setting up our own selves to face what we phased with our intentions at some point and time in our lives.

That is why time and again, we periodically come across certain hints that keep nudging us, imploring us and instigating us to awaken to the true essence of our lives and to live in alignment and conformance with our life’s agendas.

Perhaps, we may forget, but life remembers. Life is how we are; how we behave is how we will be+have, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi