Billionaires and Millionaires; Feel your Near to Fulfill your Nearer


087500f38d6e7021ae5b1e9a8e9a6066   The Luxury of Having but Not Realizing the Potential Value of Being?
What we think about once, billionaires and millionaires think about millions of times.

What we think about millions of times, billionaires and millionaires think about once.

Previously right across our lifetime, we allocated ample time for ourselves and now it is as if time has become an fabulous luxury? How come?

Whereas for billionaires and millionaires, its not having or making time; it is creating time and truly enjoying the amazing wealth of life’s gratuitous endowments by heart. Its like they don’t need to study but virtually breathe the essence of what they believe and be+live accordingly.truth-quote-agenda



For some of us, a million dollars is a dream? For sum of them, a million dollars is the joy of all of us; for, for them people and the sacred preciousness of relationships are their true wealth. They don’t discern and segregate when intending to uplift and contribute to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of millions of lives.




The captioned title referring to feel your near to fulfill your nearer is not the literal or virtual feeling that is filled with any sense of lack or desperation; it is not a quest or conquest; not about fancy words or rhyming; not about any fabled quotes or adages; not about any illusion or delusion; not about any inspiration or motivation; not about any prayers or blessings; not about any having or not having; not about any doubt or do it; not about here, there or anywhere; not about wearing or removing; not about believing or discarding; not about impersonating or discriminating; not about challenging, opposing or pretending;rather its simply and humbly about “being”; the state of being leads us to experiencing what we have been and that is what has been eluding us, we are thinking that when we will reach there? When we will attain that? When we will accrue more? When we will complete this, that or anything else? so on and so forth, if we are not being, then we are not fulfilling our life’s purpose and true calling which always inspires us to awaken to the divine essence of our higher self; to discover, identify, realize and experience our true nature and true self conscientiously.


fulfillment-quotes-4For billionaires and millionaires they don’t reflect upon their assets as just properties but rather the way that the assets are proper and just, that across their lifetime they will earnestly safeguard and meticulously sustain their respective portfolios with a sense of fulfillment, with a sense of purpose, so that it could help and spread the wealth of knowledge and enhance the scope of millions of livelihoods; bring greater satisfaction and joy to millions of Families in each and every moment.

For them, the wealth is not a belonging but rather it is the being, the longing for realization of living one’s light for from the wisdom of that incarnate light the true wealth of one’s primordial heritage; which emanates, evolves and blossoms to awaken one another to the completeness, to the radiance, to the wonderfulness of one’s being; of being true to the truth of one’s living respectively.

For billionaires and millionaires, they seek to empower through aim powering, which is focusing upon each and every precious moment of life as if it constituted millions and billions of the greatest treasures that we could ever envision. Imagine, their vision being so fulfilling that they compliment what encapsulates the process of fulfilling each and every moment of life with its promise as well as each and every promise of life with its moment.


They are all very much like us; they may have been given the prestigious titles and conferred with remarkable dignity and immensely respected, and here is where the key of all aspects leads to; it is the “respect”, the respect for being devoted and committed to what we wish to achieve that will sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the World.



Do we in each and every breath breathe this vision, that belongs to the fulfillment of enriching the fabulous wealth of greatness that abounds within as well as all around us? Are we sincerely devoted to what we are attending, doing, to what we have been deputized; for what the responsibilities have been entrusted upon our shoulders, are we ensuring that we are earnestly striving and fulfilling our life’s purposeful living through the disciplined and devoted essence of being true to our nature as well as nature to our truth?


There maybe more questions; there maybe more factors; there maybe more aspects; there maybe more and far much more of different outlooks, perspectives and opinions; but only when we ensure observance of the process of fulfilling each and every moment of life with its promise as well as each and every promise of life with its moment; then, from there onwards other glimpses of some of the most magnificent moments of our lives will truly begin and consonantly resonate with the divine essence of our being, for then onwards, we are not only living in the world, the world is living within us as well.


Think of it carefully, being a billionaire/millionaire is actually having the heart likewise; which means a billion/million hearts in one; and then the oneness in billions/millions of hearts. The heart, the one, the oneness, the being is a matter of realization, once we realize, that is it and then once it is that, we realize our oneness and ensure that we are devoting complete attention, diligence, prudence and wisdom in all that we think, do, express and be conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi