Greece, Value Your Values






fe3f02a2543393813141843dacb926cfEvery choice we make represents the integral essence of a greater set of responsibilities associated with it respectively, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Somacology, Sum Ecology, The Body’s Science, The Mind’s Neurons


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When we realize the evolution of our being, we seek to establish a harmonious equilibrium and learn true be.

The creative intelligence of nature within us connects to the nature around us with the vibrational impulses that many a time tend to leave us completely amazed.

Knowing and carefully grasping our divine potential could provide us with some incredible insights regarding the nobility of our aspirations.

The sacredness of our devotion is not just about clasping our palms and praying alone but rather it is about making everything we cherish in our lives the essence of our ekagrata (one pointedness).

Then from this focused vision, we could be able to achieve far much more in each and every aspect of our lives than we may ever have imagined. It calls for a sense of devotion, diligence, discipline, duty, prudence, rationality and our gracious wisdom.

The point is everything is th-ere, we have to be th+ere as well without complete mind, heart and soul by faithfully fulfilling our respective agendas, assignments, chores, duties, objectives, obligations, responsibilities, vocations and tasks.

We want to be appointed and entrusted with greater prestigious milestones however the groundwork which starts with the a point needs to be essentially taken due care of integrally.

Its not about speaking so much and just wishing so much more; rather it is about doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and in the proper manner that it needs to be done completely; without any malicious intent, prejudice or negative tendencies whether towards one’s ownself or others.

Every truth of our lives embodies the seed at the root as the cause, the impetus that mushroomed and bloomed all because we first of all indulged in a particular set of thoughts which then went about to teach us a particular way of living and embracing what we never verified, whether fair and just? whether legitimate and authentic? and whether real and safe?

Just because everyone else is heading one way without any clues does not mean that we join the bandwagon and jeopardize ours and others concerns and interests. When we introspect and meditate; expand and raise our consciousness, we are able to glance as well as eavesdrop upon some of our life’s finest wisdom that flows from within the realm of our core intuitive intelligence.

Never separate nature from you and never separate yourself from nature; think what you are doing with the environment is somehow or the other actually being done back to you at some point in time and when we refers to nature, we also earnestly refer to its living beings as well. Life is moving on words, words on moving onwards, however do we realize what those words are, whether within or minds or when we speak? Since everything is thereby leading and shaping our beliefs and further ahead becoming an inevitable part and path of our lives.

Regarding our mind’s neurons and its transmitters, we need to be consciously aware, alert, diligent and vigilant regarding what’s the ears of our hears not extending across to becomes the fears of our years. There is so much to each and every aspect that we might be unknowingly adding on? tagging on? linking? de-linking? associating and engaging in addition, division, multiplication and subtraction of various aspects of our lives quite ignorantly, but why? Why pressurize our nerves so very much based on some gossips, some rumours or some set of factors that have integrally gripped up right across to the core essence of our being? Why amplify when we can exemplify; the point is not to go all round the world announcing and preaching  but rather being a shining example of the finest human being ever by being conscientiously aware of our thoughts, feelings, actions and expressions consistently.

Think, make your life resourceful,. do something constructive in each and every day that will take you nearer to your goal for scoring goals is not just about one competition or match, rather it is the calypso of infinite matches of our glorious lives that keep celebrating us in each and every priceless moment conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi