Selfies, How much is too very much?

Quote.Ghandi.FutureSome selfies are virtually defying the integrity of one another’s essence.

When will a certain form of respect be observed in understanding the principles governing the etiquette of our societal values please?

The well being of our societies belongs to the being well of our societies, where whatever is portrayed is in good conduct, manner and civility.

Just because something is popular does not mean that popularity will rule the roost and become a form of pretentious competence for what type of fame please?

There are certain moments in one another’s lives that cannot be publicized, socialized and contemptuously shared at all.

Those moments that truly belong to one another deserve to belong unconditionally to one another and cannot be snatched away and promoted to capture the attention; or to get more likes.

No one ever likes to look down upon others since those who do so realize that they are actually betraying themselves in shrouding and putting on a disguise to get recognized?

They eventually come to terms with reality that life is not solely lived behind the camera or a pseudonym; discreetly hiding one’s character, one’s identity and one’s true essence which is where it gets far too much and one’s conscience keeps on evoking each one’s awareness to learn to live in alignment with one’s divine values, one’s divine will and one’s divine wisdom; and not in tarnishing anyone’s reputation or the fragility of their precarious and precious most moments.

Selfies have been created to capture the beauty of that once in a lifetime snapshot and not to make the snapshot to become one’s lifetime for those who keep trying to ride on other’s expense will have to carefully understand that there are laws, there are rules+regulations and that there are certain disciplines in force that do not permit any illegitimate exposure or contravention of one’s privacy please!

If one feels like feeling more better, truly cheer one’s self and others; truly feel good about one’s self and other and truly live with one another observing the respective conventinalities, the respective guidelines and truly creative magnificent wonderfulness of this fabulous life conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Got God, God Got; The Patents of the Cosmos, God’s Universe


God never states, I have got this or that; or this or that belongs to God.All God states is that God belongs to the Universe; that to God, the Universe is God’s Family and our Family of creation is God’s Universe.

When this identical  reference is made to humanity, there are various proclamations from some of us such as; I have got this; I have got that and so much more…..? This belongs to me? When will that also be mine? That I am the creator? The egoistical “i” all along proclaiming instead of acclaiming with an attitude of gratitude, but why?

How many of us state that we belong to God as God states that God belongs to the Universe?  How many of us state that God is our Family and that our Family is God’s?

All that we aspire for, attain, cherish and grasp are there for a purposeful reason, to enable us to devotionally attend to, with the sense of utmost respect, sacredness and our pure divine essence.

When we realize that God who we yearn for is embodied within the true nature and true self of each and every part and path of creation, then we will start living our lives with the divine vision, with the divine grace and our divine wisdom infinitely.

Then its not about having but about the covetous privilege of belonging. We belong to God as much as God belongs to each and “every one” of us, including “all of creation” unconditionally.

God is not for the privileged few or chosen one’s only; there is no distinction or segregation where God is concerned, there is no religion, caste, pride, status, riches or wealth where God is concerned, for to attain and experience the love and belonging to God is our pure heart, our sacred heart, our immaculate heart that embodies the graceful wisdom and essence of our divine essence imploring and evoking our conscious awareness to awaken to the glorious magnificence of our completeness, of our wonderfulness, of our truth in being one with God and God’s creations conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi