Remembering 7/7; Embracing the Remembrance

Remembering Thoughts AND Prayers

In memory of the victims who have left us with their poignant memories on this extremely tragic day.

Our embrace and speechless words humbly seek to gently reach across the landscape of thought in time, time in thought;  standing still in complete respectful silence. Courage, Peace, Love and Light, God bless,

 ©2015 Vashi Chandi

One Thought Had Us, Another Taught Adds Us

focusWhat are we including that is excluding us? What are we excluding that is including us?

Whether through thoughts or taught; we are adding, attracting and manifesting far much more into our lives.

Let us be consciously aware of our thoughts, actions, emotions, expressions, feelings and attitudes consistently.

Our lives and its moments are extremely precious and each time that we think, we will see later on?

The onus later yet shifts due to the errant indulgent of habitual tendencies and procrastinations that we will still have enough time later on and now the time is far too acute?

Do what needs to be done when it truly needs to be done for then this same time now will appear far much more precious than any words could ever describe.

Realize the incredible importance and treasured value of your time as well as your life’s greatness; whether with thought or taught, learn to think well and conscientiously; take responsible initiatives towards strengthening your self awareness and self development consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Greece Crisis, Realize the Reality


The situation in Greece affects the World. The situation across the World affects Greece.

There maybe various opinions and perspectives, however the essence of everything and every think else seeks acknowledgment of facts and pacts as the integral guidance conscientiously.

Those who are facing this know how it is; Those who are affected by this know how it is; However knowing is not enough, commenting and remarking is not enough, words by themselves will not bring about phenomenal changes and neither will any stringent measures alone.

Right now, we have to focus upon shedding the perceptions that beheld us and endeavor to diligently strive and come together to establish an amicable consensus where each and everyone genuinely contributes to the overall development, improvement and shifting away from the crisis.

Every moment is truly intricately balanced on a precarious percipience where even the slightest of comments can attribute towards ricocheting unwanted repercussions. The point is for those within Greece who reflect upon their glorious civilization and magnificent heritage with a sense of pride embrace the respective values have to carefully understand and realize that the World wishes well for them, however they also need to carefully and conscientiously come forward towards realizing the reality of the fragile situation that is facing themselves as well as all of us.

The Grecians must introspectively reflect upon their cherished heritage and endeavor to embrace their true nature and their true selves which always seeks an harmonious communion with the World in a dignified and responsible manner.

The World must likewise provide the impetus to Greece to be able to emerge from this crisis with reasonable initiatives that are in the best mutual interests of the World and Greece respectively.

Many of us, time and again, whether on a personal or professional level, have noticed and experienced the tremendous shifts in our lives when we sought to alter and gradually change our perspectives of how we interpreted various aspects in our lives instead of changing things altogether for sometimes we are not able to see; we are not able to observe what is looking at us to look at us as ourselves looks at it.

There is no point or intention here in anyway whatsoever to hurt anyone’s sentiments, feelings or sense of dignity but rather a humble appeal to all concerned to come together to find a common platform to resolve this life alarming crisis since there are so many other notable causes that are being left unattended and truly deserve and merit noteworthy attention and resolution as well.

May there be a mutual accord and resolution identified very soon that is in the best and constructive interests of all of us; all across the World including Greece, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Programming the Mind? Pre Grammaring the Mindfulness

open-your-eyes-to-the-beauty-around-you-flower-graphicIts not the codes or formulas, but the coats and the forum; the form you lay within and amongst the mind’s patterns that further evolve to create likewise or intricate of complexities or designs.

The mind is a reservoir that constantly needs to be observed; to be vigilantly scrutinized and disciplined and through our daily meditation when we are able to expand our consciousness to the level of the divine light within us, we will be able to amazingly input certain of the most simplified yet potential commandments that our true nature and our true self behold.

There maybe practices, there maybe programs, there maybe scientific formulas, there maybe innovative paradigms encapsulating remarkable techniques but the embodiment of the human being is far most receptive to the simplest grammology; the easiest grammatical; the very most not thought of or imagined phonetic expressions that are able to incredibly inspire and passionately awaken the ingenuity of one another’s characteristic creative magnificence  rhythmically.

If we may want to create and bring about phenomenal changes and transformations in our lives, we may perhaps embark on distant expeditions and seek to conquer and achieve prestigious milestones but regretfully forgetting the concur; the concurrent and its systematic coordinates are not at all solely tied to or attached to any magnanimous luxury or acquired definitions from the outwardliness of living; it is the ought that is able to sought, meaning what needs to be truly done needs to be done, there are not two ways, there are know true ways always about it.

Whether we seek to deny or accept; whether we seek to realize or release; whether we seek to aim, acclaim or proclaim as well as engage in different sets of behaviors and so on and so forth, the ultimate peacefulness of our mind is achieved from the realms ensconced within our higher consciousness and that is attainable only through fulfilling and completing the purpose of our lives which embodies the pre definition and well as the pro divine vision of leading an wonder full life.

Sometimes, we may have got accustomed to speaking to ourselves and others in such as way that we feel is appropriate and are not mindful at all about the conversations going on within our minds and hearts, all that we haughtily seek to do is announce our declarations and suppress our innate nature by disguising all that we think, do and express beneath a cloak of innumerable personalities?

If we could simplify the grammar of our speech that we dictate to ourselves and others, be consciously aware of what it is that we are engaging in right from the moment we wake up in the morning as well as keep resonating throughout the day and then sub consciously keep dwelling and habituating unknowingly even during our sleep, we are actually strengthening that which we may be or may not be in need of at all, but why? Why integrate and infuse our lives with so much complexities and then we are left wondering, how did all of this happen? It was gradually getting inset and the got set in altogether, so from within it then made us in with it, joined and bound as if we have no other choices?

That is also the mind’s own self created delusional hypothesis that there is no other outlet or solution, since there is, there are always hopes, possibilities and resolutions; however one needs to be mindful and disciplined with the way one indulges in even the simplest of practices for something so simple might come to imply some of the most strongest statements of our lives and then something far more complex might actually take away precious years from our lives such as the negative tendencies and virtues which are not at all any part or path of us, so why empower that which is against ourselves at all?

Some individuals might be vacillating and contemplating, lets get to the point, specify the complete point in one line, well that is not one line, it is one alignment that each of us have to harmoniously establish within our minds, hearts and soul.There are somethings that cannot be described, explained or shown; they are the taught within the thoughts that we can inculcate and strive to diligently with utmost discipline instill within our lives with the amazing virtuosity of our true nature that is the embodiment of the most magnificent treasures and wealth that we could ever envisage.

There is no one out of us that could actually bring about that phenomenal transformation until or unless we genuinely grant our consent and seek to accept that indeed we were deviating; that indeed we need to rectify in a calm and reasonable manner without harming or injuring anyone including ourselves since the rage and anger or bitterness would only drain us of our precious energies which could otherwise be instrumental in remarkably transforming our lives; so next time or even this time and at all times, be mindful of the grammar, the tone, the manner, the attitude and the grammology of the words that are circulating and gather momentum within your minds for then onwards as we keep permitting certain habits and practices to become part and path of us, those set of words, that particular grammar would be leading us quite far away from our trueselves altogether; remember your life is precious, make it resourceful by contributing towards legitimate initiatives that sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the Universe consistently and conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi