Life’s Capital Investment, The Foresight of Insight, Envisioning Grace

VisionSometimes, time catches up? Sum times, we catch up with time! Nothing is useless unless when actually used.

Whether strategic planning or otherwise, the strategic vision that is diligently acknowledged and conscientiously utilized with a prudent perspective is imperative as well, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Destiny, Future, Horoscope; Living Legends, Legendary Developments, Believe in Yourself;Every Pulse has its Impulse


Life’s prospects are ever expanding as we genuinely contribute to the devoted, disciplined and righteous way of living and leading our lives with a sense of self awareness and unstinting focus upon remaining truly aligned with each and every moment of our lives consistently.

Where horoscopes are concerned, there are living legends who have defined, proven and keep proving to us time and again that when we believe in our true nature and true self as well as earnestly fulfill our respective objectives, obligations and commitments with complete attention, dedication and focus; we are then in a way fulfilling life’s part and path’s studiously.

There maybe no road maps or a dictionary of life where we can decipher and interpret as well as formidably equip ourselves against some phenomenal challenges in our lives but then, once we honestly take due care of what we have been entrusted, then what’s there whether now, ahead or much further ahead will be deterministically face-able all because we consistently sought to embrace the potentialities of our life’s instead of solely contemplating and dwelling upon remote possibilities without actually taking any responsible actions and initiatives respectively.

This is where the meaning of horoscope comes into reference stating that horoscope refers to hour is scope; and then further ahead that indeed each and every minute and second of our lives as well are of tremendous scope of representing the extremely precious promise of infinite value and values of being and life amazingly.

You are the architect and creator of your own destiny, believe in your higher consciousness’s guidance, the divine essence that is embodied within the realm of your higher self while earnestly seeking to fulfill your dharma (duties) conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi