Think, The Thing that Life is Thinking

as-you-think-so-shall-you-beEverything in life is it. It is every “think” in life.

Thinks make up our lives and things enliven them, however there is the right way of thinking;  the thinking right but not thinking right away.

Sometimes when we are pressurized and in certain circumstances, instances and scenarios when we are forced to take some rash decisions and then embark swiftly towards committing some actions, we may perhaps not realize in the spur of the moment what is actually unfolding in our lives at all?

Later on, further ahead when we carefully analyze and review, then we are beheld at times with a profound sets of remorse-fulness and wondering why did we just listen to someone, read something, hear some gossip and retaliated or speculatively went ahead?

Remember that we might be able to change thinks, switch between thinks but where things are concerned, once something is done, then its done and cannot be undone despite all the greatest efforts ever.

That is why, befriend your mind and be completely aware of your thoughts and actions and feelings and emotions and sentiments and passions and instinctive feelings and gut feelings and so very much more such as your instincts…. whatever else that maybe there, take heed, be cautious, be precautious, be diligent, be prudent, be alert, be wise, but ensure to be responsible and completely+totally aware of what you are allowing, of what you are permitting your thinks and where you thinking is leading you after all.

Just because coming first or winning the race or trying to demonstrate your efficiency or showing off will not help for the consequences, the account-abilities and the procedures of life insistently demand that we are well aligned, that we are well aware and that we are completely cognizant with what we are thinking for once we then exclaim that we did not know, we don’t know and did not mean it will not help.

So think well, think wise, think responsibly but most of well be completely aware that your thinking is filling some of the most precious moments of your lives in each and every moment, what are you thinking that you are thinking? or what are you thinking that is thinking you and then leading you where? Do not be just indulging in habitual thought process of wasting your time or aimlessly wandering from pillar to post in the hope that some miracle is going to unfold that will lead you towards the right thinking, you need to be disciplined and extremely vigilant what it is that you are thinking at any given time and in each and every moment of your lives, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi