With it? Wit it

What will happen?

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While some of us anxiously await the results of what will happen? Life keeps on unfolding with the fervent hope of what we will sharpen.


It refers to sharpening our wits, our creative intelligence, our awareness, our diligence, our prudence, our gracious wisdom and sense of responsibility with+in each and every precious moment of our lives.


The wheel of will will keep evolving and various aspects will keep unfolding within as well as around us, but in the process of those events what did we vent? in the process of those instances what stance did we adopt? but also in the process of those incidents what did we in seed hint? and then in the process of those scenarios what did we see narrow us? and most of all in the process of those situations, what did we sit with and then set with to further settle with punctuations across the respective way of our living?




Sharpening our wits is after all a disciplined process where whether in any given moment, we are ensuring that we are not allowing; we are not letting; we are not permitting and putting down our guard, our vigilance and remaining equanimous, for then we are prepared/pre+paired for what life will bring forth in our lives rather than when various aspects unfold and we are caught off guard and scrambling frantically to gather all our resources and then getting ready to equip ourselves?


It is the same way as when we know it is going to rain, we take the umbrella with us; now if we want to dance in the rain is another aspect, but what the gist and meaning is seeking to imply is that when we deliberately ignore and recklessly indulge in contravening the legitimate tenets and tenacity of our living, then we are actually calling forth and setting out full fledged invitations for various random set of instances and eventualities to unfold in our lives?


But why not maintain the  alertness and ensure that we are actually practicing living in the manner that life is intending for us to live it? We know very well by heart that until or unless we prepare well, we would not be able to face well enough.


If we do not do this, then we might perhaps keep leaning upon each day to bring us another better day without us actually and genuinely getting better at all? Improving ourselves is the innovation of our lives for life has created us to enjoy it in joy, however we need to fulfill our respective duties, objectives and obligations paramount amongst which remains the alertness and vigilance relating to the sharpening of our wits, we have got the creative and intelligent mindset as well as thinking process within us that knows what is right, that knows what is proper and that knows what is legitimate and absolutely helpful but if we permit laziness or procrastination to seep in and restrict our practicing of our respective principles and values of our lives, then we are setting and settling for what we have been having over the years; namely, the typical scenario of victim syndrome and the pitiful attitude augmenting incessant fears and anxieties of more and more of the what will happen dilemmas?


Now, there are somethings that we truly cannot control; but here it is not about seeking to embark on any herculean task but rather the most simplest of methods which is to focus – yes focus and genuinely focus upon each and every thought, action, expression and habit that we are engaging with for sometime, somewhere we permitted a certain process of thinking and habitability to become the fabric of our being and living as if it is our character? as if it is what we were born with? as if it is what we have innately acquired all along and will evolve towards right across our lives?


It is us holding onto what is beholding us and not vice versa where what is beholding us is not letting us go; we are empowered and strong enough to relinquish the habits that do not serves us well and are retarding our progress in life; that are hampering all the remarkable efforts and initiatives that we took to reach unto this point; we know that we have the courage and the gracious wisdom, but then when will we discipline our minds and our thoughts that we need to sharpen our thinking; sharpen our intellect; sharpen our alertness; sharpen our attitude; sharpen ourselves altogether without any physical actions but with safe and alert method of observing “discipline” in our lives since it is through the discipline of disciplines that we will be able to learn and teach ourselves a newer, a brighter and a fulfilling way of living and leading our lives gloriously, where then when the question arises again – what will happen? We will then more or less know what will happen but will not spend all our time and precious energies in scrambling and gathering all the news reports or opinions and gossips; rather we will then as usual got about our disciplined way and methodology of living with completeness of purpose in each and every moment of our lives knowing and welcoming each and every moment of life into our lives, for then it is we welcoming life as life first welcomed us when we were born; it is we celebrating life as life always celebrates us and then it is we liberating ourselves of any negative habits and practices as life has already obliterated those negative tendencies altogether and we were mysteriously gripping and latching onto some errant practices of deviating from our respective legitimate and purposeful living.


We have inherited all the good virtues and magnificently brilliant and resourcefully creative greatest set of the finest assets that life could ever bestow; however we need to realize and then honestly utilize our intellectual faculties towards strengthening the discipline of our disciplines relating to our living conscientiously. So time and again, a little effort in each and every moment of our lives will bring forth tremendous changes and transformations for we are diligently striving with complete focus and total awareness; we are moving along with time and time is moving along with us in a synchronize march of gracious ambition to meet and face each and every moment of what will happen in a prepare and a pro active approach of living our fullest potentialities for the goodwill and well being of ourselves and others infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi