Outer Space, The 5th Dimension, The Infinity of our Cosmic Vision

ETS-iStock_000002646009Medi Cosmos 1With space, we have time that is non linear; a continual creative process of evolution that is ever expanding across myriad constellations.

With light, we have the radiance of the solar system empowering the scope of creative discoveries of phenomenal astronomical alignments.

The most incredible fact is that at first all was together and the disintegration that occurred caused tremendous dissipation of energies whose unification is perceivable/re-envisaged  as we focus and expand; as well as raise our consciousness in unison with the cosmic consciousness to strive to re establish the completeness of the cosmological and universal realms as the pinnacle of oneness that it actually was, is and intends true be+come.

With our cosmic vision, exploration of the 5th dimension thereby amazingly unfolds, and the elixir-the amrit of life enchantingly nourishes the divine essence of our soul conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Engine, Engineering; In Gene, In Geneering; Shuddh Bhav, Shuddh Bhakti, Pure Intention

Gurbani-1The Moment of our Lifetime; The Choice, The Chooser, The Chosen; Shuddh Bhav, Shuddh Bhakti, Pure Intention

Some of us amazingly experience a lifetime within each and every moment. Some of us experience the lifetime of our moment once it has already elapsed?

Actually it is for the sum of all of us to realize that each and every moment has, is and will unfold precisely in alignment with our shuddh bhav (pure intentions).

Now if the intentions are converse, the specificity of the moment will likewise unfold; however apparently the result might not be so desired after all.

So if we are accepting, we are anticipating and we are cherishing this very moment for all that it is fulfillingly, then the moment being full of neutrality follows the dynamics of further recreating an imbued sequence of the momentum to keep flowing on the similar set of frequencies vibrationally.

Perhaps some of us are so intensely caught within understanding the modus operandi of how life determines that we are ever engulfed within the analyzation process far much more than we could ever grasp.

And the more incredible part and path is where some more of us are able to virtually see through life for what it authentically represents and devote their complete focus and total attention upon fulfilling their respective agendas, assignments, chores, duties, objectives, obligations, responsibilities, studies, tasks and vocations with a sense of profound discipline and innate trust.

They have a firmly instilled belief in their true nature; in their true self, knowing very well that what needs to be done needs to be done otherwise that done adds up to becoming a tonne and if yet left unattended then becoming a massive burden of several tonnes upon tonnes of unbearable weight principally upon one another’s conscience challengingly.

Why not imbue the faithful approach of being legitimately and authentically devoted to our divine essence for the nature of our truth and the greatness of our higher consciousness has allowed us to experience some of the most creative fabulous and magnificent moments of our lives in such a way that from that moment, we are able to weave an retinue of a cascade of far much more fulfilling set of moments and momentum’s in and across our lives.

The choice is entirely ours, whether to realize and consciously awaken to the whole reality of our lives that is also miraculously unfolding through our sacred breath and extremely precious sets of intellectual faculties.

We have been ordained the magnificent wealth of some of the most priceless virtues but the password and the worth pass needs the secret key of our shuddh bhav (pure intention); shuddh bhakti (pure devotion); it is simply meaning that putting together our thoughts, actions, feelings, emotions and expressions and our completeness as living from the essence of our being which is living from our soul rather than just reflecting upon our mind alone; for the gracious wisdom that emanates from our soul empowers us with the pinnacle of remarkable courage and endurable strength of the core intelligence to be able to see true and through each and every face/phase and facet of our lives knowledgeably and vigilantly.

The moment will keep re emerging to the surface and blossoming ever so radiantly however until or unless we align ourselves with+in as well as along with each and every moment of our lives, we might be retrospectively reflecting upon an innumerable sets of moments of our lives and reminiscing with the most mysterious regret; oh, how I wish I had…..? Let us rearrange this sequence and see what comes forth:- ? (The question? ((The quest in))…..had I wish I how, oh!

The integral factor embodying and underlying imperative actuality is the ((The quest in)). Yes, it is the deep yearning aspiration and desire that seeks to attain our highest potentiality in each and every priceless moment, but then it is not two of us living within our being we must carefully realize this. It is one of us, indeed, we are one, however if we tend to keep considering ourselves as two different entities, then we will only be setting up and establishing a contradictional set of behaviours to keep emerge and tackling more of ourselves than what we need to do, which means that before or during doing any and everything, we keep having and listening to the particular frequency of creating and the voila, life just lets it be and creation likewise deems so be it; and where are we along? With+in that very same set of moment but faced with its consequence as well, why not live will complete awareness and fulfill our being with what it is fulfilling us? Which is being devoted to the very essence of our soul by living our divine light in each and every moment of our lives conscientiously.

The captioned title referring to shuddh (pure) bhav (intention); shuddh(pure) bhakti(devotion),  applies right across our lives in each and every moment infinitely. Look at the example of engines, what is input is purity; the pure elements; the pure elementality; now what the output is – is not the issue here, we are not reflecting upon any environmental concerns, but focusing on the methodology aspect, when we input the pure elements/ingredients within the engine, it functions and operates smoothly as it has been engineered to.

Now taking and applying this very principle and value into us, instead of engine it is “in gene”; we have been created out of purity, our very essence is purity, whatever we can “truly” achieve in our lives truly is through purity.

So when we can take remarkable care of the engines in ensuring the pure elements/ingredients are meticulously input the pure filtration process is duly active, then why do we ever permit our minds, our thinking process to ever absorb any kind or type of impurities? If we carefully observe and reflect, we will come across a lot of aspects that we may never have ever realized but for that we need to carefully focus with complete unstinting attention, diligence, prudence, tenacity and our gracious wisdom and lead our lives more fulfillingly for with our genes, we are carrying the amazing precious genealogy of our ancestors, let us honor them as well as make them proud of us by leading our lives in such a disciplined and devotional manner that consistently ensures that it is faithfully contributing to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the Universe infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi