Birth; Creation; Mangal Dhwani; Mann Gal Diwani; The Auspicious Download/Upload The Evolving Cosmic Consciousness

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3761434_orig    From the moment, a human being is born, the mangal dhwani (sacred auspicious incantation starts). This keeps on orchestrating the breath and essence of life harmoniously, however what comes in between is the mann and then the gal of the mann.
Mann refers to mind; Gal refers to talk; Mangal refers to auspicious and Dhwani to the tune; and then this has two more aspects linked to it which apparently follow many a time, which are the following:-
From Man Gal (Mind’s talk) to Mann Galat (Mind’s wrongness?) and here comes the most intense factor which is extending from Dhwani (Tune) to Diwani (Obsession?)
Why refer to birth and link birth and the essence of being with tune, with mind, with talk, with obsession and with wrongness? Why not have the righteousness also mentioned alongside?
Well the virtue of righteousness is a cherished virtue that is ensconced within the true nature, within the true self and within the higher consciousness of every human being but then each individual needs to diligently strive to simplify instead of amplify since because of the egoistical tendencies, many individuals may be so full of listening solely to the chattering of their mind and their ego, that they get over engrossed in that dialogue, that monologue and keep vacillating from pillar to post and back vice versa without actually attaining any meaningful and purposeful objectives and the true joyfulness of life at all?
The illusion of chasing fleeting objects or getting mesmerized by the mind’s fantasy and riding constantly on the threshold of last minute deadlines leaves one completely exhausted and scattered level of attention, but then why change the tune of life at all to become so hyperistically?
Why not be focused upon devotionally focusing upon the true essence of life and living one’s radiant light of gracious wisdom, of one’s divine vision; of one’s divine wisdom in each and every moment of one’s life?
When a human being is born, the privilege to create is always enshrined within the soul which is constantly observing and maintaining an impeccable record of each and every aspect and evolution of one’s being all along. Its a matter of aligning with the soul by expanding and raising one’s consciousness so that the flow of pure energies that are downloaded and uploaded back to the cosmic consciousness are full of the pure set of thoughts, feelings, ambitions, aspirations, yearnings, emotions, desires and the greatness of objectives that diligently strive to fulfill one’s duties to the very best of one’s abilities+capabilities truly with a fulfilled sense of awareness, purpose, responsibility and wisdom infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi