Selfie? Welfie, Your Inner Smile, Capturing Life’s Portrait of Yourself

Mooji2Disclaimer: Be Mindful of YOUR SAFETY and the Location for You are More Important than the Picture Please.


Take out a picture of yourself as life does and then remember to let your inner smile; your heart smile along with life’s miles gloriously, God bless.


Taking out the picture does not really need a camera or an high altitude or any distant location please; the picture is also taken out daily, each time you look into the mirror, when you glance into the mirror and look at that wonderful being looking back at you, truly appreciate and cheer yourself, admire your personality and live your greatness; recognize and acknowledge your self esteem that always seeks the very best for you and yours as well as all of creation.

Where it concerns capturing the perfect photo, all it requires is the divine essence of your attitude of gratitude towards all of your life’s endowments and a sense of conscious awareness, alertness, due diligence, prudence, purposefulness, responsibility, sincerity, tenacity and your gracious wisdom conscientiously observing and being completely/totally  aligned with each and every thought, action, emotion, feeling and truly accepting your true nature and your true self to emerge and radiantly shine forth its creatively amazing magnificent consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi