Selfie? Welfie, Your Inner Smile, Capturing Life’s Portrait of Yourself

Mooji2Disclaimer: Be Mindful of YOUR SAFETY and the Location for You are More Important than the Picture Please.


Take out a picture of yourself as life does and then remember to let your inner smile; your heart smile along with life’s miles gloriously, God bless.


Taking out the picture does not really need a camera or an high altitude or any distant location please; the picture is also taken out daily, each time you look into the mirror, when you glance into the mirror and look at that wonderful being looking back at you, truly appreciate and cheer yourself, admire your personality and live your greatness; recognize and acknowledge your self esteem that always seeks the very best for you and yours as well as all of creation.

Where it concerns capturing the perfect photo, all it requires is the divine essence of your attitude of gratitude towards all of your life’s endowments and a sense of conscious awareness, alertness, due diligence, prudence, purposefulness, responsibility, sincerity, tenacity and your gracious wisdom conscientiously observing and being completely/totally  aligned with each and every thought, action, emotion, feeling and truly accepting your true nature and your true self to emerge and radiantly shine forth its creatively amazing magnificent consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Who Will? Who Well!

images          How well we take care will lead to how well we are taken care of.

The principal care taker is you and the principal care receiver is yourself.

When you genuinely start taking care while ensuring to observing the various discipline of disciplines, then each and every part and pathway of life’s goodwill harmoniously unfolds.


It started with you, it continues with you and will keep evolving with you where your conscious intentions will go a long way, all along the way towards creating a better and more understanding you.

Previously hearing the phrase or wishing others; “take care” might have seemed to be an expression of care, etiquette and politeness; but once realizing the tremendous transformations in one another’s lives upon authentically taking care, then the reality unfolds that there is no such thing as who will take care? It was, it is and it always will be that who well takes care is who well will be taken care of as well.

6a00e5523ab9d48834017c358cc482970b-800wiStart believing in the divine essence of your true nature and your true self; lead a fulfilling life by living your cosmic light that remains ensconced within the realms of your higher consciousness, always embodying the gracious creative intelligence wisdom of living each and every moment of life with a spontaneous attitude of fulfillment in each and every thought, action, expression, emotion and feeling nourishingly.


Remember that taking care of yourself truly empowers and enriches your cells which thereby ensure your optimum alertness, good health and well being. If only we actually take as much passionate care of ourselves as we take care of our cellphones and smartphones and electronic devices, only then will we be able to avail of greater vitality and experiencing the greatness of life’s moments.


Why chase trivial pleasures and fleeting objectives that elapse with the cascading moments and then again return temporarily to divert our attention for another brief span of incessant phases of our lifetime? We have been created to live this precious life faithfully, well intentionally, purposefully and committedly towards sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the Universe infinitely, and it all starts right here, right where you are, right at this very moment to consciously start taking genuine care of yourself including your thoughts, your emotions, your attitudes, your feelings, your beliefs and who you believe yourself to be and become, for remember each moment of life comes once in a lifetime and each lifetime of the moment evolves along with the time of your life, so you have the choice to take charge instead of being taken charge by unknowing surprises.


Remember the images you consciously and sub consciously carry of yourself keep on tending and intending to become an integral part and path of your life; do you or have you ever cheered and applauded yourself and others? Have you ever genuinely take a few moments everyday for yourself to meditate and identify what is it that you wish to attain in this wonderful life? If you keep on imposing and then superimposing and supposing whatever comes along the way, then the road maps of life would be aimless wandering from one pillar to another post?


From one part to another path, and just to achieve something sooner does not mean that shortcuts will actually help, for there are certain short cuts on the computer keyboard that are meant to facilitate while typing, however that cannot be equated or paralleled to the process of life and living where taking short cuts and cutting short to reach from some where to somewhere else?

find-joy-in-the-journeyBe grounded, be realized, be truly where you are and not in an illusive state of mind thinking that everything will be taken care of by itself, for you should honestly take conscious initiatives and efforts in taking care toe be taken care as well. Care is an essential part and path of ourselves that always integrally supports us in a remarkable manner however that care is not truly complete until or unless we participate along with it to fulfill its completeness. Do kindly remember it starts with you true competence with you and not to compete with you, for yourself is complete with you as you are complete with yourself, live your greatness, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi